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IP rights lost from January 2013 for Instagram Users – POLICY NOW QUASHED :)

We thought we should spread the word after Instagram stated they have the right to sell their users images without remuneration or consent. This has caused public outrage as  privacy rights are  clearly being disregarded.

This new Intellectual property policy comes into force on January 16th 2013 and the only way to protect your photos is to delete your account.


Facebook claims the perpetual right to license all public Instagram photos to companies or any other organisation. This would include advertising purposes, which would effectively transform the Web site into the world’s largest stock photo agency.

This is outrageous as we feel this dilutes Instagram users’ fundamental commercial and moral rights.

The good news, as reported in the  Metro Herald the above is no longer going to happen as a result of public uproar.

I have included the article below:

“INSTAGRAM has backed down over plans to sell  users’ pictures to advertisers. The Facebook-owned  photo-sharing website will modify its terms and conditions following a backlash across social media. In a blog post titled ‘Thank you, and we’re listening’, co-founder Kevin Systrom said the company had heard ‘loud and clear’ from ‘confused and upset’ users.The move follows yesterday’s Metro Herald report that the site had updated its legal small print to claim rights to any images and sell them to businesses  without users’ consent.Mr Systrom said the changes were intended to show Instagram wanted to experiment with innovative advertising, but was interpreted that it was going to sell photos without any compensation. ‘This is not true and it is our mistake that this language is confusing.’ He added: ‘Instagram users  own their content and Instagram does not claim any ownership rights over your photos. Nothing about this 
has changed.’ Instagram, which has more than 30 million users uploading about 5 million images a day, was bought by Facebook for €530 million in April.The U-turn came after celebrities, including popstar  Pink, urged fans on Twitter to boycott the app.”

Here at 4pm we are delighted that Kevin Systrom from Instagram listened to the public voice

Happy Christmas from 4pm

Christmas Marketing Tips


It really is hard to believe that Christmas Day is just 6 days from now. Not long to go until one is tucking into their turkey and ham. #yumyum

Whilst all of us are thinking of the food and presents or whatever tickles your Christmas fancy, marketers around the world are using their cunning abilities to attract our eyes to shop windows up and down the country. Here at 4pm we thought we would let you in on some tips to look out for or to utilize in your own business.

1. Get people to buy one thing – Marketers have become increasingly aware of the importance to get shoppers to buy 1 item. It doesn’t seem like much does it? This is where “shopping momentum” comes into effect. With our first purchase there is a sense of guilt attached as we invariably had to open our wallets and splash the cash, however with every following purchase that “guilt” slowly ebbs.

2. Make the most of your Signs, POS (point of sale) and Packaging – Jazz things up! Large clear font that allows for a quick read is the most effective. Use point of sale displays and signs in the store to attract the eyes of the consumer. Make sure they are at “buy level”. Remember : eye level is buy level!

3. Create a larger footfall - Work with the other retailers to promote why people should be visiting your stores. Specialized and themed events and sales are key to creating a wider consumer interest. The traditional Santa’ Grotto is always sure to bring families to your outlets by the bucket load! Also, compare your prices to those of larger retailers so you can try to persuade the consumer that you are better value for money.

4. Be Social - If you have a Facebook page, why not be creative and create a twist on an advent calendar? Post daily offers that are valid for that day only. Each day the offer’s get better and better ultimately resulting in one “mega” giveaway.

5. Do something “Buzzworthy” - Get in contact with customers via their mobile phone, through youtube and other social media sites or through an interactive experience. Interacting with customers on a face to face level is invaluable for companies and marketers.

Hopefully that short list will help in your overall marketing campaigns…….bring on the turkey and ham!!

Christmas Sales influenced by Social Media

Not paying attention to customers opinions of your brand on social media and networking sites? Do so at your own risk!

Recent survey’s have shown that customers appreciate when a brand responds to a negative social media/network post.

However, the results have shown that positive recommendations seem to be influencing the customer more than negative recommendations. Around 25% of people will spend money on a brand because of a positive recommendation seen on social media/networks. Cha-ching!

Worryingly 1 in 8 consumers stop using or purchasing a brand altogether as a result of negative social media/network comments. Uh-oh!

It has been duly noted about the growing importance of online shopping in the life of the consumer. Just under a third of consumers (32%) will purchase/have purchased their shopping online this year. This make’s the overall online shopping experience key to receiving positive recommendations. Santa is never late delivering gifts, neither should you be!

Customer relationship management is a must! Over 50% of consumers feel that a brand should reply directly to someone if they have a problem. “Ask not what you can do for the brand, but what the brand can do for you” #motto.

As previously stated, brands connecting to consumers via social media/networks must LISTEN to their customers. Not responding to a negative social media post is just as bad as your customer service department not picking up the phone.

Brands that do listen to their customers via social media are presented with huge opportunities and the “negatives” should be seen as positives. It gives brands the chance to show how much they truly value their customers.

Remember, one voice/post can make a difference between a cha-ching and an uh-oh!