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Finding a place for Fluffy

Thanks god it’s Friday again! To make you laugh on the last day of the week, 4pm have another #funnyfriday story for you.

So its no wonder that your neighbours do not share the same affection for your dog that you do as your little fluffy spends the whole night barking like mad!

That’s why finding a place for you and your four-legged friend can be quite challenging, especially in bigger cities. If you just can’t bear the thoughts of living without your beloved pet then you should be prepared to be very stressed when searching for your perfect apartment.
But many pet owners have come up with quite creative ideas to tackle this problem.

So picture this, you have two dogs but in your new home only one is allowed. No worries at all thought an American couple who decided it would be a great idea to walk their two dogs separately so their neighbours believed it was always the same dog.

Another American family was even willing to pay a $50,000 nonrefundable fee in order to be able to move in with their 8-pound Lhasa Apso and additionally $25,000 deposit if their dog would cause any damage.
The couple had also submitted a dossier to the landlord consisting of a photo, a veterinarian’s report and a colorful description of Dakini, describing her as “spiritual” and detailing her meeting with the Dalai Lama. Dakini, it was further revealed, had also appeared in a television show.
You could also consider turning your dog into a so-called “prescription” dog, prescribed by your doc for your mental well-being, to justify its presence in your new apartment.
If their dog dies, smart pet owners often take a new one which looks exactly like the old one and give them the same name to overcome the rule that no new pets are allowed.
That is it from us for this week! Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to come back and check out our 4pm blog again.

Meeting 788 Facebook friends in person!

Being Easter Weekend today is our #Funnyfriday, for arguments sake lets call it Funny Thursday. So it’s time to come up with weird news from around the world.
So let’s get to it, how many of your Facebook friends do you actually know in person? With how many of them have you had personal contact in the last few weeks or even years? How many of them do you consider as good friends? Personally the majority of the time I can`t even remember where I know people from that I’m connected with on social media.
The US photographer Ty Morin had the exact same “problem”. But he wanted to make a change and he decided he was going to meet all his 788 Facebook friends in person. Quite a challenge, right? Especially when you consider the fact that they are all spread around the world in different countries.

Ty made it even more challenging for himself and set himself the task to take pictures of them and learn about their lives. To do the shoots, he has to spend at least one hour with them, because instead of using a modern digital camera, he decided to use an old 8×10 model instead.
To be able to afford his fancy project, he works as a wedding photographer and helps with his father’s business. He also had a bit more help from a fund raising effort he made on Kickstarters, which earned him $ 13,000. He hopes to reach his goal by the end of 2016. So far he managed to meet around 20 of these Facebook friends in person, some of them are even ex-girlfriends!
“There’s going to be some awkward instances,’’ he admitted. “I think it’s going to be good to reconnect with people even if I don’t know them.”
Here at 4pm we think it’s a great idea! Maybe we should take a leaf out of Ty’s book and look through our lists of friends and followers on our Social Media and get in contact with the people we haven’t seen in ages. Enjoy your weekend, guys!!

Jeans made out of plastic bottles!


Hey Guys it’s #funnyfriday again. Ever wondered what your jeans where made out of? Could you imagine wearing jeans made out of garbage? What comes to your mind now is probably not the most stylish outfit in the world. You”ll probably get a shock when you hear what the worldwide famous jeans brand Levi`s has recently come up with: Jeans made out of brown beer bottles, green soda bottles and black food trays. Sounds ugly? In fact it’s not at all.
The “Waste-Less” jeans are darker than other models and instead of the blue and white inside colour they are brown and blue. If you look close enough, you can actually see that they are made out of another material, but just from the inside. For those who need a proof, Levi` s puts a “These jeans are made of garbage” tag on each pair.
According to Darby Hoover, senior resource specialist with the Natural Resources Defence Council, this innovation doesn’t decrease the production of plastics, but it does help to reduce the environmental impact as it makes sure the material doesn’t end up in landfills.
You would think that they’re uncomfortable to wear wouldn’t you? Well you’re wrong. With their soft material you won`t feel any difference between these and other jeans.
However, this isn’t the first time for Levi`s to go green. The Water-Less Initiative which reduced the water used in the production process was another step into the right direction.
We from 4pm hope there will be more affordable clothes in the future which are not just environmental-friendly but stylish too. What do you think? Would you like to wear jeans made out of garbage? Leave us your comments below.
Hopefully you have enjoyed this week`s #FunnyFriday blog and have an awesome St.Paddy`s weekend. Take care and see you in splendid conditions again on Tuesday 

When an arachnophobe`s biggest nightmare comes true!

It’s raining men…. or wait second, it’s spiders? If you are scared of spiders, seeing a spider in your room is enough to send you screaming out of the house. But imagine if it was raining spiders?
This type of spiders, known as Anelosimus eximius, normally don’t leave their home in the trees and in the evening they start to create massive webs to catch insects. But in Sao Paolo/Brazil strong winds caused the spiders and their “homes” to be carried to other places, which made it look like a rain of our favourite little creatures.
Fingers are crossed that this will never happen here, too creepy!!
4pm wish you a nice spider-free weekend!