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Who is buying in Dublin?

At present there is a buying spree taking place within the Irish Commercial Property market. Foreign buyers are keen to snap up the prime assets in Dublin. Software for estate agents

Analysts predict that these commercial deals that are taking place will top  €1.2 billion in 2013. So who are these buyers? Well, Kennedy Wilson is the main player and is leading the investors’ buying spree of Dublin commercial property. They invested €306 million this week for the Opera/Castle Market Holdings portfolio. This portfolio includes the Bank of Ireland building on Mespil Road in Dublin 4 and it also owns a stake in the bank itself. Other recent purchases include the State Street building on the docklands for €108 million, the Clancy Quay development near Phoenix Park for €40 million and the Gasworks apartment complex in D4 for €84 million.

Dublin has attracted investors from many countries in the past 18 months including America, Britain, Germany, Israel, Canada and beyond.

So why are these investors suddenly interested in Dublin? Are they mad after what happened back in 2008? Apparently not according to consultants the figures from property agencies reflect an increase in sales volumes, and prices are slowly but surely beginning to creep up, yields are beginning to decrease and the supply is now getting tighter.

So what are your views on the Commercial Property Market? If you were an investor would you invest like the others?

That’s all for today! We hope your week is going well!


R Post – registered email

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Sending out important documents is rather expensive as well as inconvenient. RPost will make your life much easier. The tamper-detectable format provides the user with a court admission, a legally verifiable snapshot of the entire transaction. It supplies with a:

  • Proof of E-mail delivery
  • Proof of E-mail content delivered
  • Proof of official timestamp sent received

E-mails and their content won’t be stored within these functions. The core features of these brilliant tools are:

  • Registered Receipt (Proof of Delivery, Proof of Content, Official Timestamp, Self-Authentication)
  • Marked
  • Unmarked
  • For Official Use Only


  • Decrease your cost of sending documents drastically as there is no  Software for Estate Agentsneed to send important papers by FedEx, fax or postal mail.
  • There is no need to stress yourself with follow-up calls, if everybody received the documents or not. The Registered Receipt TM email verifies delivery status of each Registered E-mail message.
  • Statements like “I never received your message” won’t count anymore as you have legal proof of the delivery status of your E-mail.
  • Registered Receipt of each email will be sorted and stored automatically.
  • Reply frequency tend to increase when the receiver is made aware of the official Registered E-mail banner on each message.

How to blog successfully

Software for Estate AgentsBlogging can increase the traffic on a company’s website and consequently its business. However it can happen quite often that the blog will get more attention from people abroad than in the local area, which can be problematic, especially for local businesses.

4pm has a couple of useful tips to keep your blog local and increase traffic to your website.


A good blogger definitely needs good writing skills. There is the option to hire an external professional writer. However this might lead to a bland blog full of marketing clichés. Maybe you have somebody in your team who has a passion for writing and who is willing to write about the company and related topics!


Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes. Even if you correct the mistakes your post may go viral prior to these amendments. If more people read the text before making it public, you decrease the chance of unwanted errors.


When creating content consider what questions you get asked the most frequently? Why not answer these questions in a blog post. Concentrate Software for Estate Agentson two or three questions per blog. For example, a plumber might get asked how to avoid frozen pipes. Providing relevant tips will keep your audience engaged.


Try to be honest when writing something. Blogging about some difficulties in the industry and how to overcome these makes you way more authentic.


If there are any major changes in your business sector, inform your customers about it, because that means you are well informed which could affect your business or even your customers.


Provide your readers with a Share button for Facebook, twitter and other social networks. People who like your blog should have the possibility to tell their friends about it, thus increasing traffic!!

New Smartphones from Mozilla Firefox

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Android and iOS are the leading players in the market, alongside their smaller players like the Blackberry or Windows phone.

Now, Mozilla wants to have a piece of the cake and they have released the phones ZTE Open and Alcatel One Touch Fire running the Mozilla Firefox operating system. Both phones are rather basic and will be sold for 69 Euro.

The company started a new approach against the closed app Software for Estate Agentsecosystem with the Firefox Operating System. It probably will be quite appealing to all the Web developers out there, who can now create HTML 5 apps for the phones without any restrictions. These apps are immediately available in the Mozilla Marketplace after a security screen, which doesn’t check the content itself.

At the moment Mozilla is concentrating on Spain, Venezuela, Poland, Colombia and maybe Brazil too. Smartphones like the iPhone or Samsung models are way too expensive for most of the people there.

“For many of the users, this will be the first smartphone they would purchase”, stated Chris Lee the head of the product team for Firefox OS.

It is unknown when this new operating system will be released in the United States and in  the other European countries where there are already cheaper android phones on the market. However most of these devices are running the old version of Android, Gingerbread. The advantage of the first Firefox OS phones are that they are more practical. Mozilla expects that the combination of open ecosystems and phones at a low price will help them to succeed.

It will be interesting to see how the operating system of Firefox will get on. 4pm would like to hear your thoughts?

A preview of the new Office 2013

The new Microsoft Office package has some pretty handy new improvements.

4pm has picked the main improvements that we feel will benefit you the most:

Software for Estate Agents

New features in word:

  • With the new Online Video button you can insert video clips.
  • A right click on a specific word enables users to look up its definition in a dictionary or get help with the pronunciation.
  • Reply to comments or mark them as ‘done’.
  • We waited so long for this option, now it is finally posible – the ability to edit a PDF with Word 2013.

What’s new in Excel:

  • Shortcut letters will become visible if you click ALT. In order to activate this option you only need to tab the relevant key.
  • With the brush icon it is possible to preview changes to style and colour of a chart without actually changing something.
  • By pressing the ‘Recommended Charts’ button Excel will give you a variety of charts which suit best to your data.
  • Get the number of cells and the sum of all values or the average value by choosing a specific range of cells.

Improved PowerPoint:

  • Zoom into certain parts of your slide.
  • You now have the option to add background music.
  • Use the Eyedropper tool to choose a color up from other slides in the presentation.

Outlook function:

  • The filter option enables you to filter all messages for example by sender, date, by those with attachments.
  • Restore the To-Do bar option which is hidden under the View tab.
  • Link together all your contacts from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other other Social Media networks.

Here at 4pm we think the new Microsoft Office is definetely worht the investement as the new features bring a lot of improvements.
Have a nice weekend!