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Irish House Prices Ricing

Irish Property Market on the Rise

According to figures released by the Central Statistics Office house prices across Ireland rose by an average of 8.1% in the year to February. The latest statistics show that on average house prices have been rising steadily for nine consecutive months and that the average national price rise is the strongest that it has been since before the crash in June 2007. These figures give strength to the belief that the recovery of the Irish housing market is well under-way.

Irish House Prices Rise 2014 Graph

Outside of Dublin house prices across the country rose by 0.9% during the month of February and were up by 4.2% compared with the same month last year. However, the value of property in the capital fell by 0.6% compared to the previous month of January. However, house prices in Dublin still managed to be 13.3% higher than they were in February 2013, making the overall picture a positive one despite this small setback. Equally the progressively rising prices across the rest of the country offer more than a little compensation for an under-performing Dublin.

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Twitter has opened its self-serve advertising platform for small and medium-sized businesses in the UK, Ireland and Canada.

Twitter advertising will allow businesses to amplify their presence on Twitter. The US has seen thousands businesses using the service as a way to connect with people in their local communities and beyond.

The service allows for businesses to use Promoted Accounts to build followers who can then act as advocates for the business.

Twitter product manager Ravi Narasimhan explained “You’re in control of your ads, the audience you want to reach, and of course your budget.”

“Best of all, you will only be charged when people follow your Promoted Account or retweet, reply, favourite or click on your Promoted Tweets. You are never charged for your organic Twitter activity,” he said.

Twitter has been used as an effective marketing tool when used correctly and been able to target your tweets could prove to be a useful tool in enhancing your businesses reach.

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R Post – registered email

Software for Estate Agents

Sending out important documents is rather expensive as well as inconvenient. RPost will make your life much easier. The tamper-detectable format provides the user with a court admission, a legally verifiable snapshot of the entire transaction. It supplies with a:

  • Proof of E-mail delivery
  • Proof of E-mail content delivered
  • Proof of official timestamp sent received

E-mails and their content won’t be stored within these functions. The core features of these brilliant tools are:

  • Registered Receipt (Proof of Delivery, Proof of Content, Official Timestamp, Self-Authentication)
  • Marked
  • Unmarked
  • For Official Use Only


  • Decrease your cost of sending documents drastically as there is no  Software for Estate Agentsneed to send important papers by FedEx, fax or postal mail.
  • There is no need to stress yourself with follow-up calls, if everybody received the documents or not. The Registered Receipt TM email verifies delivery status of each Registered E-mail message.
  • Statements like “I never received your message” won’t count anymore as you have legal proof of the delivery status of your E-mail.
  • Registered Receipt of each email will be sorted and stored automatically.
  • Reply frequency tend to increase when the receiver is made aware of the official Registered E-mail banner on each message.

How to blog successfully

Software for Estate AgentsBlogging can increase the traffic on a company’s website and consequently its business. However it can happen quite often that the blog will get more attention from people abroad than in the local area, which can be problematic, especially for local businesses.

4pm has a couple of useful tips to keep your blog local and increase traffic to your website.


A good blogger definitely needs good writing skills. There is the option to hire an external professional writer. However this might lead to a bland blog full of marketing clichés. Maybe you have somebody in your team who has a passion for writing and who is willing to write about the company and related topics!


Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes. Even if you correct the mistakes your post may go viral prior to these amendments. If more people read the text before making it public, you decrease the chance of unwanted errors.


When creating content consider what questions you get asked the most frequently? Why not answer these questions in a blog post. Concentrate Software for Estate Agentson two or three questions per blog. For example, a plumber might get asked how to avoid frozen pipes. Providing relevant tips will keep your audience engaged.


Try to be honest when writing something. Blogging about some difficulties in the industry and how to overcome these makes you way more authentic.


If there are any major changes in your business sector, inform your customers about it, because that means you are well informed which could affect your business or even your customers.


Provide your readers with a Share button for Facebook, twitter and other social networks. People who like your blog should have the possibility to tell their friends about it, thus increasing traffic!!

Time-saving apps you will love


Life gets busier and more stressful every day. Therefore it is really handy to have some tools which save time and nerves!
4pm present you a couple of apps you will love!!

Software for Estate AgentsNever lose your car again
Your car is at a car park with hundreds of others, and you forgot where you left it. You probably would spend at least a few minutes to search for it. IPhone users do not have to worry about such situations anymore. If the Autopark App is installed, you only need to set a marker on the map in order to find your car afterwards with the built-in GPS



Avoid being on holdSoftware for Estate Agents
Being on hold for ages although you could do something else in the meantime, happens quite often. With the application Holdr you only need to press * and 7 and hang up. Yes you heard right! When the person on the other line gets back to you, the app will give you a call in order to reconnect the call. Even if the other person hung up in the meanwhile Holdr will give him/her a call back.


Software for Estate AgentsScan your notes and listen to it
Assuming, you are on your way to a meeting and would like to take a look at your notes, but you need to drive the car; the app Prizmo could become your best friend. You only need to take a picture of your notes, and your IPhone will read them. It works with text documents, bills, business cards or whiteboards.


Never forget your thoughts again Software for Estate Agents

Sometimes you need to write down very important information or an idea that just came to your mind, but you are on the road or simply you don’t have access to the right tool. With the Jott Assistant you only need to call a specific phone number, speak your thoughts and hang up. The “voicemail” will be converted to a text and sent afterwards to your email account.

Software for Estate AgentsCharge all your devices at once
All your devices need to be charged, at once, so there you have it, many different cables and even worse, your mobile phone is charging in one room, your IPod and your tablet are charging in another room due to the lack of sockets. How amazing would it be to have only one charging station for all your devices, pretty awesome, hu? The iHome iB969 is such a device. You are able to charge your iPod, your IPhone, your tablet, Blackberry or your e-book readers all at once.


Unfortunately all these tools are created for Apple customers. Hopefully, android users will benefit from such apps in the near future.