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An Irish technology tycoon

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In today’s blog 4pm would are going to discuss a successful Irish entrepreneur, Dylan Collins, who has influenced many of the most recent technological innovations in digital entertainment and consumer trends, such as multiplayer console games and the new generation of digital-to-retail merchandise brands.


Software for Estate AgentsIn 2003 he undertook a step which was not understandable for many people; he set up a technology company shortly after the crash. His company, which he co-founded with Sean Blanchfield, whom he met during his studies at Trinity College in Dublin, enabled players to battle each other over the Internet.

Their venture was so successful that it was bought by Activision, the world’s largest video game publisher, for $15 m. Dylan Collins was only 26. However, Dylan said that they reacted very positively regarding his age due to their American mentality. Age does not matter as long as you have the abilities to achieve.
After that he founded “Jolt online” and developed alongside the Playboy Empire the game “Playboy Manager”. In 2009 the company was bought up by GamesStop, the world’s biggest game retailer.

Dylan says: “All our investors had made money, which is how I measure success, and it has spawned multiple companies in Dublin, which is a win-win”.

His latest venture is the startup Box-of-Awesomeness, which, based in Software for Estate AgentsLondon, regularly gives digital and physical goodies to kids and already has 30.000 subscribers. He sees it as a bridge between digital and physical brands. Tackling the digital generation is of utmost importance to Collins because brands are created differently nowadays. “A decade ago, brands were created by professionals in boardrooms. Now kids’ brands are being co-created by communities of eight and nine-year-olds – it’s a bottom-up approach rather than top-down”

Collins is also a member of board of numerous successful digital companies, such as “Fight my monster”, “Potato” and “Brown Bag Films”, a Dublin based Oscar-nominated Animation Company. In 2012 he became chairman of the Irish Clean-Tech firm TreeMetrics, whose vision it is to make the forest industry cleaner and more environmental-friendly. It aims to be the Google of TreeData.


4pm hope your Monday wasn’t too tough!

Facebook Graph Search

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In order to remain popular among social media users, Facebook is constantly coming up with new features and ideas to keep us all engaged.

The latest development is an advanced search engine which answers users’ questions regarding people, photos, places, and interests.

At first this function will only be available to the American English Facebook user, but this  will be introduced in other languages. By applying search terms such as ‘People who like cycling and are from my hometown’ this tool helps you to find people in your network and detect possible connections. The Graph Search will be put in place for the usual white search bar at the top of each page.

We are excited about trying out ourselves this new function! What about you? Leave us your comments!

New Smartphones from Mozilla Firefox

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Android and iOS are the leading players in the market, alongside their smaller players like the Blackberry or Windows phone.

Now, Mozilla wants to have a piece of the cake and they have released the phones ZTE Open and Alcatel One Touch Fire running the Mozilla Firefox operating system. Both phones are rather basic and will be sold for 69 Euro.

The company started a new approach against the closed app Software for Estate Agentsecosystem with the Firefox Operating System. It probably will be quite appealing to all the Web developers out there, who can now create HTML 5 apps for the phones without any restrictions. These apps are immediately available in the Mozilla Marketplace after a security screen, which doesn’t check the content itself.

At the moment Mozilla is concentrating on Spain, Venezuela, Poland, Colombia and maybe Brazil too. Smartphones like the iPhone or Samsung models are way too expensive for most of the people there.

“For many of the users, this will be the first smartphone they would purchase”, stated Chris Lee the head of the product team for Firefox OS.

It is unknown when this new operating system will be released in the United States and in  the other European countries where there are already cheaper android phones on the market. However most of these devices are running the old version of Android, Gingerbread. The advantage of the first Firefox OS phones are that they are more practical. Mozilla expects that the combination of open ecosystems and phones at a low price will help them to succeed.

It will be interesting to see how the operating system of Firefox will get on. 4pm would like to hear your thoughts?

A preview of the new Office 2013

The new Microsoft Office package has some pretty handy new improvements.

4pm has picked the main improvements that we feel will benefit you the most:

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New features in word:

  • With the new Online Video button you can insert video clips.
  • A right click on a specific word enables users to look up its definition in a dictionary or get help with the pronunciation.
  • Reply to comments or mark them as ‘done’.
  • We waited so long for this option, now it is finally posible – the ability to edit a PDF with Word 2013.

What’s new in Excel:

  • Shortcut letters will become visible if you click ALT. In order to activate this option you only need to tab the relevant key.
  • With the brush icon it is possible to preview changes to style and colour of a chart without actually changing something.
  • By pressing the ‘Recommended Charts’ button Excel will give you a variety of charts which suit best to your data.
  • Get the number of cells and the sum of all values or the average value by choosing a specific range of cells.

Improved PowerPoint:

  • Zoom into certain parts of your slide.
  • You now have the option to add background music.
  • Use the Eyedropper tool to choose a color up from other slides in the presentation.

Outlook function:

  • The filter option enables you to filter all messages for example by sender, date, by those with attachments.
  • Restore the To-Do bar option which is hidden under the View tab.
  • Link together all your contacts from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other other Social Media networks.

Here at 4pm we think the new Microsoft Office is definetely worht the investement as the new features bring a lot of improvements.
Have a nice weekend!