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Tackling digital illiteracy

tech tipThe internet is now of increasing importance, both in professional and private settings. Therefore tackling digital illiteracy is of utmost importance for a well-functioning society.
Even though Ireland’s latest scorecard from the EU Commission published for 2012 shows significant improvements in terms of internet use, digital engagement and the increase in regular internet usage since 2010, there are still many people who lack basic digital skills and require some further training. At least one in five Irish adults have never used the Internet before.
To help them, a new initiative has been created by Community Ireland and IBM Ireland. The website was set up in order to help users to deal with the online world. Instructions are split into nine categories: “Getting started”, “Keeping in touch”, “Travel”, “Community”, “Newspapers, Radio and TV”, “Entertainment, Sports and Hobbies”, “Shopping”, “Money matters”, “Health and Welfare”. On the website the project describes itself as “a roadmap which aims to make finding things simple”.

“The internet provides a great portal for communication and keeping in touch with the world. However, for people unfamiliar with it, it can seem very daunting, a labyrinth of endless information. This website provides a simple step by step guide to new users and takes away the element of fear or anxiety about where to start when exploring the internet,” explains Tina Roche, CEO of Business in the Community Ireland.
Anyone interested in using this site will be delighted to hear that there is no need to register first.
There is also another project called “Get Ireland online” ( which was launched in October 2011. 36% of those who have used this website were at least 65, 24% were job-seekers, 7% had a disability. What is also important is the fact that the people who were trained could now train others and pass on what they have learned. So there you have it, tackling digital illiteracy has never been easier with these new project! That’s all from 4pm, don’t forget to check back later in the week to see what we have to say!

Tech tip

Estate Agents Solutions

4pm presents you with every solution an Estate Agent could possibly need!


Acquaint CRM 

The complete property management solution. This software is with you every step of the way  and manages your full property lifecycle.

Estate Agent Software 1

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Websites for Estate Agents

4pm software solution is a complete web management software solution that provides the means to manage your properties more efficiently with the proper use of information technology. Is updating your website driving you mad? With Acquaint CRM you can upload your properties to your website with one simple click of a button!


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Mobile Apps

Acquaint CRM have now introduced an app for all smartphones so you can now access all your info while on the go! We call it Acquaint Anywhere!

Acquaint Anywhere Software


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The shift towards affordable smart phones

I phone It seems like the only way for Apple and Samsung to grow more and to outplay each other in the future is to compete in the lower cost segment. While they have both made a fortune with their flagship products, it is now time to focus on other market segments, as an increasingly high percentage of potential smart phone users, especially in developing countries, are veering towards cheap, more affordable devices rather than the latest Samsung Galaxy or iPhone.                        iphone 2

The iPhone5 and the Galaxy S3 dominate more than 50% of the smart phone market and nearly all the profits. However, it seems like further growth will depend on other products. In emerging markets, such as China and India, many consumers are buying their first smart phone, and for them feature-packed expensive devices are simply not an option.

The low-end market is challenging for both companies, as there are countless established competitors, who know exactly how to sell in this market. China`s Huawei is just one of the successful players in the market and they have experienced a recent increase of 40% in market share. The signs of an upcoming change are obvious: Apple`s average selling price dropped $28 in the first quarter of this year and more and more customers now opt for the cheaper iPhone 4 instead of the latest iPhone5. Samsung, on the other hand, achieved quite good results in the first quarter, but they were also warned that they “may experience stiffer competition in the mobile business due to expansion of the mid- to low-end smart phone market”.

With more than 170 million people in China below the $1.25 per day poverty line, it’s clear that many customers in this area simply cant afford a $600 smart phone. So the question remains, which of the two rivals will perform better in this highly significant market segment? Apple is now even considering launching a lower-cost iPhone, even though they refused to do so in the past. However, Samsung currently take the lead in China as the largest smart phone vendor.

So what are you thoughts? Should Apple release a cheaper alternative of the iPhone?


Stylish Trash

Houses and apartments which all look the same? That is so last year!
Why not stand out and be different and use your rubbish to create furniture or even to build your house? Yes you’ve read it right, furniture made out of rubbish, which is not just a stylish eye catcher but it’s also a big step in the direction of a sustainable way of living.
4pm have collected a few of these rubbish creations. Take a look,


Vintage Wine Barrel Flooring 
What happens to Wine Barrels that can’t be used for fermentation? Nothing, eventually they’ll be thrown away . That’s why many companies have decided to make use of this beautiful material.



The Ruler Chair 

Chairs which all look the same are too boring for you right? Well why not cover your plain chair with old-fashioned rulers.


Recycled Electronics There is new technology emerging every day which means that our gadgets usually only last a couple of years. And then, we need to throw them away. But alas now there is no need to throw them away! Why not make a coffee table out of them?





Ceiling covered with picture frames 

Dan Phillips, an American builder and designer has already produced a couple of interesting projects with recycled materials.
For instance he decorated the ceilings of a house with frames and with a ceiling like this you can be sure to have a unique atmosphere.




Colorful lights
Do you get as annoyed as we do when you realize how many plastic bottles you could have collected over the week? Some designer found a way to reuse these bottles in a decorative way. Lights decorated with colorful plastic bottles.



So there ya have it, just a few of the creative ways in which people have been reusing their waste. What are your thoughts on reusing materials? Have you ever tried making anything out of your rubbish? Leave us a comment and don’t forget to check out our daily 4pm blog.

Green Apple

These days the need to be green is essential and multi nationals such as Apple Inc have taken stock!
A year ago Apple was widely criticised by Greenpeace for heavily relying on electricity from coal plants. They ranked the company in their report “How green is your cloud?” and after researching 14 Companies Apple came 12th in its efforts to conserve the environment.


As a result of this report green Apple invested in a huge solar array in North Carolina. By taking biogas from local landfills it is able to supply Bloom Energy Server fuel cells with energy.

Apple was even praised by Gary Cook, (Senior IT analyst at Greenpeace) saying that Apple’s announcement shows that it has made real progress in its commitment to lead the way to a clean energy future.

The largest operation centres situated in Ireland, Germany and two in California are now 100% powered by renewable resources.
In cooperation with the Duke University, Apple also develops renewable biogas resources including hog farm biogas additionally to landfill gas among others.


As an environmentally focused company 4pm appreciate companies who decrease their carbon-emission footprint. With reputable organisations like Apple we hope all Companies will follow trend and work towards a greener future.