Christmas Sales influenced by Social Media

Not paying attention to customers opinions of your brand on social media and networking sites? Do so at your own risk!

Recent survey’s have shown that customers appreciate when a brand responds to a negative social media/network post.

However, the results have shown that positive recommendations seem to be influencing the customer more than negative recommendations. Around 25% of people will spend money on a brand because of a positive recommendation seen on social media/networks. Cha-ching!

Worryingly 1 in 8 consumers stop using or purchasing a brand altogether as a result of negative social media/network comments. Uh-oh!

It has been duly noted about the growing importance of online shopping in the life of the consumer. Just under a third of consumers (32%) will purchase/have purchased their shopping online this year. This make’s the overall online shopping experience key to receiving positive recommendations. Santa is never late delivering gifts, neither should you be!

Customer relationship management is a must! Over 50% of consumers feel that a brand should reply directly to someone if they have a problem. “Ask not what you can do for the brand, but what the brand can do for you” #motto.

As previously stated, brands connecting to consumers via social media/networks must LISTEN to their customers. Not responding to a negative social media post is just as bad as your customer service department not picking up the phone.

Brands that do listen to their customers via social media are presented with huge opportunities and the “negatives” should be seen as positives. It gives brands the chance to show how much they truly value their customers.

Remember, one voice/post can make a difference between a cha-ching and an uh-oh!

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