R Post – registered email

Software for Estate Agents

Sending out important documents is rather expensive as well as inconvenient. RPost will make your life much easier. The tamper-detectable format provides the user with a court admission, a legally verifiable snapshot of the entire transaction. It supplies with a:

  • Proof of E-mail delivery
  • Proof of E-mail content delivered
  • Proof of official timestamp sent received

E-mails and their content won’t be stored within these functions. The core features of these brilliant tools are:

  • Registered Receipt (Proof of Delivery, Proof of Content, Official Timestamp, Self-Authentication)
  • Marked
  • Unmarked
  • For Official Use Only


  • Decrease your cost of sending documents drastically as there is no  Software for Estate Agentsneed to send important papers by FedEx, fax or postal mail.
  • There is no need to stress yourself with follow-up calls, if everybody received the documents or not. The Registered Receipt TM email verifies delivery status of each Registered E-mail message.
  • Statements like “I never received your message” won’t count anymore as you have legal proof of the delivery status of your E-mail.
  • Registered Receipt of each email will be sorted and stored automatically.
  • Reply frequency tend to increase when the receiver is made aware of the official Registered E-mail banner on each message.

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