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5 New Years Resolutions Every Marketer Should Make

As the year winds to a close marketing departments across the country will be reviewing their work and analysing the effectiveness of their campaigns. Here at 4pm have compiled a list of “New Years Resolutions” that every marketer should make as he/she enters 2013.

1. Let Go - There is a creative bone inside all of us, however, too many cooks spoil the broth. It is hugely beneficial for marketers to take a step back and focus on the area in which they excel. Be honest about your capabilities and learn to take control.

2. Build a portfolio - It is important to be able to refer back to previous successful campaigns. The portfolio should be a collection of projects focused on results.

3. Bring forward solutions, not problems - The ability to identify a problem is a very worthwhile skill to have. However an even better skill is that of someone who can not only identify a problem but who has the solution to solve such problems.

4. Take risks and learn from your mistakes - the best minds have all had one thing in common, failure. Don’t be afraid to try something.

5.Participate in the industry, but be humble - participating in an industry enables you to grow and become accustomed to new ideas and practices. It is important to note however, not to take credit for ideas that are not yours. Be original, be creative and be inventive. Always remember that you never stop learning.

Here at 4pm hope that these guidelines aid in your company’s/ brands development.

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year :)

Breakthrough Brand of 2012

Breakthrough Brand of 2012

The South Korean brand has been around since 1938. Samsung first started out as a grocer and now makes everything from ships to mobile phones. Samsung is now the biggest threat to apple in the smartphone market and has knocked Nokia off it’s throne becoming the top manufacturer of mobile phones.

Samsung Breakthrough Brand of 2012

Samsung ran their first super bowl ad in 2012, and also had a YouTube video go viral which took a shot at their biggest competitors apple iphone5. 4pm think this is just a brilliant ad that is humorous and Samsung are one of the only companies can get away with it in our eyes.

Check out the video:

Samsung Galaxy S II (The Next Big Thing) Commercial


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Arthur Guinness Day ‘Paint The Town Black’

Arthur Guinness Day is it money well spent? The debate on Arthur Guinness Day still remains. Initially it was perceived as being a great marketing ploy by Guinness but as it moves into its third year questions are being asked about its longevity. For a small country like Ireland having a national treasure that is recognized all over the world is great, and connecting people from all around the globe is a positive but do we need to to raise a glass to Arthur every year.



It appears that it is only the large cities in Ireland and around the world that are benefiting from this event, while the smaller more rural towns and villages around Ireland suffer. For a large company like Guinness that have a large marketing budget one could ask the question should they be spending their money on other areas and avenues? Is this an attempt by Guinness to try and create a st Patricks day type event year on year. What are your thoughts on the whole Arthur Guinness Day? Good, bad or indifferent.



Here at 4pm we are still undecided about celebrating Arthur Guinness Day each year. If you’re starting up a new business and are interested in web design, online marketing, SEO (search engine optimization) or content management systems give us a call on 014978671 or check us out on www.4pm.ie.