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Acquaint Crm Demo

Acquaint Crm

– Streamlines all internal operations
– Allows you to enter property details only once as it uploads to various portals (myhome, onview, globrix etc.)
– Contacts & properties all on one system
– Produces all brochures & documents with in your brand guidelines
– Complies with new property regulations

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Arthur Guinness Day ‘Paint The Town Black’

Arthur Guinness Day is it money well spent? The debate on Arthur Guinness Day still remains. Initially it was perceived as being a great marketing ploy by Guinness but as it moves into its third year questions are being asked about its longevity. For a small country like Ireland having a national treasure that is recognized all over the world is great, and connecting people from all around the globe is a positive but do we need to to raise a glass to Arthur every year.



It appears that it is only the large cities in Ireland and around the world that are benefiting from this event, while the smaller more rural towns and villages around Ireland suffer. For a large company like Guinness that have a large marketing budget one could ask the question should they be spending their money on other areas and avenues? Is this an attempt by Guinness to try and create a st Patricks day type event year on year. What are your thoughts on the whole Arthur Guinness Day? Good, bad or indifferent.



Here at 4pm we are still undecided about celebrating Arthur Guinness Day each year. If you’re starting up a new business and are interested in web design, online marketing, SEO (search engine optimization) or content management systems give us a call on 014978671 or check us out on www.4pm.ie.

Property Market, Are We Over The Worst?

It is said the property market is showing signs of life after years of decline. There are some positive signs, more mortgages are being approved and even more auctions are taking place around the country. There are still some areas of the country that remain ghost towns but there are areas picking up slowly. The areas tend to be areas with good access, public transport and schools close by.


Robert Ganley of Auctioneers Frank Knight said “there is a big rise in the number of viewings” and competition between people that have loans approved and people with hard cash.


The area that seems to be hotting up is the family home sector. Many expats planning to retire are coming home from abroad with hard earned cash from other countries and getting a good exchange rate because of the weakness of the Euro.


There are also the people who sold up in the boom years and decided to wait and rent, they now want to step into the market as it is becoming more expensive to rent as it is to buy.


Will Coonan said that there is an improvement in areas in Dublin like Clontarf, Castleknock and South Dublin where asking prices are some time being exceeded.


With demand for family homes picking up, it still seems as though getting a mortgage is tough, even though the banks claim otherwise.


It seems as though cash buyers and expats now feel the market has bottomed out and are ready to put up the cash in order to get good homes at a bargain.


In contrast it is said, penthouses once top of celebrities shopping list have fallen by up to 84%. It seems as if needs are now being addressed rather than wants by buyers.


See our website for a list of products, which include Acquaint CRM (property management, sales, & letting software), web design, graphic design and online marketing.


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‘Twitter brings in banner graphic’s like Facebook’

Twitter has made changes to its website and apps for android, iphone and ipad app’s. The changes give a bigger significance on photo’s. The changes also let users have a banner like graphic, much like Facebook.


Dick Costolo the chief executive informed of the new look today. The photo’s stream higher up on the left and also make the thumbnails bigger. The profile picture will now be displayed in the centre of the banner image.


Twitter say the same image will appear whether it be on the web or an app for iphone, ipad or android. Twitter are trying to add more virtual interest and build its online advertising.


Twitter say ‘it’s fast, beautiful, easy to use’ redesign allows more access to videos and photos.


A banner ad can be applied by selecting ‘settings’ and clicking ‘design’.


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The battle of the phones- the iphone 5 versus the Samsung galaxy sIII

Here at 4pm the team are thinking its time for an upgrade, which would you choose iphone 5 or a Galaxy SIII?

iphone 5 features:

  • Taller & 18% thinner than iphone 4s
  • 20% lighter lighter iphone 4s
  • iphone 5 has metal back compared to iphone 4s glass back
  • iphone 5 supports 4g LTE networks
  • iphone 5 offers faster A6 chip
  • iphone 5 has longer battery life (10 hours of wifi browsing)
  • 8 megapixel camera
  • iphone 5 has three speakers
  • Smaller dock connector & smaller sim card
  • iphone 5 runs on new ‘os6’ operating system

Samsung Galaxy sIII features:

  • Minimal organic design
  • lightweight at only 133g
  • Storage of data  up to 64gb
  • 8 megapixel camera
  • 4.8 inches  of high definition
  • 21h 40 mins talk time
  • Lets you do a variety of tasks all at once
  • Easy data transfer from samsung to samsung
  • Allows you to play your videos/photos and games on the big screen

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