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Implementing Postcodes in Ireland

The Irish Government has claimed that Ireland will be the first country in the world to have a public database of unique identifiers for properties. This is said, will help citizens, public bodies and businesses to locate every individual household, apartment and business in the State.

The general consensus is that a Postcode Management Licence Holder (PMLH) will manage the postcode database and license its use through third-party suppliers – this would follow a similar model to the UK.

Parcel delivery will be more efficient, as drivers will not be required to have local knowledge, leading to savings for the consumer. The area of property and the health services could also be set for a digital overhaul.

Tom Hayes, who is head of micro-enterprise and small business at Enterprise Ireland, is also of the general view that this postal system overhaul via codes could generate business spin-offs, especially for existing players who are operating in the area of information management and in spatial management.road signs

The postal coding system “might also fit into the smart-city approach”, he said.

This, for instance, could be applicable to urban planning, and making systems like transport services flow faster, using data to map out peak travel times for commuters, school belts around the city, or hospital routes. It could also be applicable to the regions – opening up information on census data so that planners and property developers can know when to put in new playgrounds, nursing homes and healthcare services – based on demographic inflows and outflows.

Acquaint CRM will have postal codes built into it to help with locations services already in the software package. Features that postal codes will be integrated into include mapping the location of properties for brochures and viewings.

Why aged systems are costing you more money than you think!!!!

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In changing times, especially when the market slows down, it is always easier to ignore the importance state of the art systems play on your business. However doing nothing is doing more harm than you think. We understand that spending money in tight times can be a difficult decision but are you really ahead of the game?

Number 1 – Remove older technology that does not provide the ‘return’ your Agency demands.

Maintaining dated technology or systems is often a costly proposition. Work-a-rounds to fix deficient technology solutions are full of human errors, wasted time, redundant activities and expensive maintenance costs. Many times the older technology or systems forces your organization to maintain older hardware. Older hardware  requires ‘rare’ parts and services that can greatly increase your costs of maintaining that antiquated solution.

Modern solutions take advantage of the latest technology breakthroughs. Today’s hardware costs are low and maintaining the latest systems is far less demanding than decade old solutions. All of this leads to lower costs and more profit staying in the company.

Finding a solution that is a fully integrated and offers the ‘next generation’ of technology can have a  positive impact on your real estate firm. Now is a great time to evaluate existing systems, and if appropriate implement the right tool for the job and reap the ‘return’ you expect on all of your investments. Acquaint CRM will manage all your sales,lettings and property management operations,finance,reporting and marketing.

We are operating in changing times and its the best opportunity for your Estate Agency to grow with the  and stand out from the crowd. You will discover what many other sophisticated businesses  have already discovered, that is that the old systems usually cost more in the long run than the investment required to update to more profitable methods. In addition you are allowing more time to focus on what matters “generating leads and closing sales!”

Acquaint CRM  will provide you with advanced reporting systems that will allow you to manage your business and ensure you are providing your Client’s with exceptional customer service. The need for a separate Administration function is negated as all letters,contracts and online advertising is automated within one simple step.

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Facebook for auctioneers

Facebook for auctioneersProperty Crm

Facebook can be a great way to get free branding. It gives you a chance to promote yourself and engage customers. Potential prospects may have searched the portals and Google during the day but it is quite likely they will be using Facebook for personal use throughout the day also, why not catch them there too! Here are some 4pm tips for auctioneers using Facebook:

1. Picture

Facebook recommend that your picture is 200 px wide and a varied height. Facebook often crops the photo for you cutting out information or details making it look unprofessional. Make sure the important details are centre and safe from any cropping.

2. Information

Make sure to provide contact details,main employees to contact, opening hours, location, and description of business (not an essay all about you, a 3 line paragraph that is reader friendly)

3. Customer Service

A prospect may write a query on your wall, remember everyone can see. Answer their question and provide a number or email to contact to talk more in detail.

4. Posting

Use your Facebook as an extension of the portals to showcase your products, after all it is free. Address local events, if something is positive it may be hard for your readers to ignore. Comment on property market news. Your brand speaks through your posts for be careful!

5. Blog

If you have a blog, install the Facebook plugin, this will allow your blog to post to Facebook automatically.

6. Emailing

Include your Facebook URL in your business signature in emails.

7. URL

Get a vanity URL which will allow people to find you easily.

8. Price

Don’t comment on the price a property may have sold for, the vendor or applicant may think they might have got more or less money, they don’t want everyone knowing their business.

The above are some basic guidelines and rules for auctioneers and estate agents to get their brands social media campaign up and running. 4pm’s advice is to write a post and leave it for five minutes before posting, some things sound great when you’re writing them but after a second look there’s often a word change. If something sounds controversial is probably is, so don’t write it on your business page, keep it for your personal account. Read our Blog for more top tips.



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Social Media marketing tips for selling/renting Real Estate

Social Media Marketing tips for selling/renting real estate:



Marketing tips for Estate Agents online marketing




  1. Define your market niche as social media marketing is all about engaging audiences so your message needs to specific.Will you be selling  bank-owned property? Will you be targeting first-time buyers? Will you focus on lettings and property management? Your answers will give you the precise segment you want to focus on.

  1. What is your unique selling point (USP) find an offer/service that your target audience cannot refuse. This could be a professional consultation service or extended viewing times for busy purchasers/renters. What are the common concerns of this set of people? What do they appreciate, and what do they dislike? When you have found the relevant answers, you will need to craft your offer and the corresponding marketing messages around this USP. Create a free report, weekly property lists, video tours and other useful marketing tools around your business. All of these tools can be  executed with a CRM such as Acquaint which automates all your marketing collateral and online presence.

  1. Drive traffic to your website.This is where social media marketing becomes a targeted tool. Tell your followers/friends about your Website and  your business. Then ask them to tell their friends about it. The reach of your social network is enormous bearing in mind there is over 1 billion Facebook users alone. Use your social media connections as channels through which to distribute your marketing materials.These steps combined with a well designed website which considers the end users priorities and SEO from the conceptual stage will contribute towards an exceptional online presence for your Estate Agency.

  1. Be helpful and commercially valuable to your connections.Having a large following is great, we really need to build relationships. In order to do this you need to produce content which is of value to your followers. Only once you build their trust, may you convert these connections to leads and sell to them. Your 4pm marketing consultant  will assist you with creating such content.

  1. Build up a database of contacts whom you can email. This will be your marketing database and will be the core of your business, regardless of how you fare with your social media, SEO and other marketing efforts. It is what you can build the rest of your marketing strategy on, this database is integral to maintaining operational controls such as Auction invitations, rent reminders, inspection reminders, distributing online newsletter and appointment confirmations please see www.Acquaint.ie for details.



Social media has made it easier than ever to connect with the right audience. It gives Estate Agents and Auctioneers s a way to engage people within their specific area and allows them to keep them informed of property changes and other information.

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