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Easy like A Sunday Morning…..Because I Don’t Like Mondays!

Mornings are the worst part of the day for most of us, as we have to leave the comforts of our warm cosy surroundings to face the world again. Here at 4pm however, we have compiled a list of 6 smart phone/android apps that make mornings more manageable!

1. Alarm Clock Extreme
The first in our list is that of a conventional alarm clock with a twist! This simple yet creative alarm clock aims to ensure that you are woken from your slumber just the way you want. It allows you to slowly increase the alarm’s volume to wake you up gently, set up the large snooze button so that it prompts you to solve math problems to dismiss the alarm or snooze and set the snooze period to decrease after each alarm and set a maximum number of snoozes to ensure you’re out of bed in a timely manner. I know I could definitely use this of a Monday morning!!


2. Sunrise
The next App on our list is a web app that integrates Facebook, Google Calendar, LinkedIn, Eventbrite and more into a gorgeous morning digest. It goes down just as easy your morning Weetabix ;) . The emails include weather information and your days events. At the bottom of each email, you’ll find thumbnails of your friends who are celebrating their birthday that day!

3. Sworkit
If your a gym addict like myself but don’t have time for a full morning workout then this App is exactly what you need! Sworkit offers circuit training workouts in chunks ranging from 5 to 60 minutes. The workouts focus on strength training, yoga or cardio and you can select a body area to focus on (or go for the full-body workout). The only equipment you need for the app is your own body and the app builds randomized circuit training workouts for you, so your muscles won’t get used to a certain routine.


TED talks are a great way to start your day. Each talk lasts less than 20 minutes, these videos impart quick wisdom from scientists, educators, researchers, entrepreneurs, tech luminaries musicians and more. Perfect for any train/bus journey.

5. Guide
Guide is the futuristic robotic news reader that reads the news that is focused around you! All you need to do is sync your Facebook and Twitter feeds and Guide will look for article links, ignoring text or photo updates. These bits of news are great for consuming while you’re in the shower, drinking your morning coffee or lying in bed for one last snooze interval.

6. Spotify
Ever wish you had a different playlist to listen to every morning but don’t want to spend every night putting it together? Spotify is just what you are searching for. Press play on a fun playlist to wake yourself up and prep to face the day. You can subscribe to playlists like the Billboard Hot 100, subscribe to your tastemaker friends or compile your own playlist for easy listening! Boogey yourself on out the door every morning!

We hope this list makes every morning that little bit brighter for you! Remember to check back to our blog on a daily basis as we look to provide you with the latest news and trends.

Thanks for reading!

3 Simple Things You Should Know About QR Codes

1. What are QR Codes?

QR code example
QR Code

QR codes generally consist of black square modules on a white background. The QR stands for ‘Quick Response’, as they are designed to be uncoded quickly and easily. The un-coding is done by a QR code scanner which can be downloaded on to your smartphone in App form.


2. Why Use A QR Code?

QR codes are becoming increasingly popular with businesses as they offer a quick and easy way to direct customers to your website among other things. Importantly, it offers a simple and innovative way to send your customers information.

Any customer with the right App and a camera on their phone can read a QR code and be brought directly to your website, contact information, sms or an email. This allows you to bridge the gap between online and offline.

QR codes are extremely easy to generate and can be simply added to your offline marketing materials.


3. How Are QR Codes Being Used For Marketing

Currently QR codes are generally used on billboards, posters, print ads. direct marketing, packaging, restaurant menus, to name but a few. In general any marketing materials that a customer comes into contact with and can get close enough to scan is an acceptable place to put a QR code. So far QR Codes have been seen to be particularly effective in the retail, fashion and real estate industries.

Some companies have even taken QR Codes to the next level and developed creative QR codes to entice customers. For example Guinness put QR codes on Guinness glasses which would only work and become visible when Guinness was poured in, due to it’s colour.


Example of Guinness and QR Codes
Creative Use of QR Codes by Guinness


QR codes can also allow you to build a community and can enable sharing.

An App called Likify can allow you to enable your customers to like, tweet and share your products through a PR code. This engagement with your customers through Facebook and Twitter all contributes towards building a community of loyal customers.

QR codes allow the consumer to go directly to your website.

When you just place your website URL on your marketing materials, there’s a pretty good chance the reader will forget or have to go out of their way to make note of the website, which even then they could forget about. By having a QR code present on your material, the viewer can instantly go your website for further information or even purchase. Just bare in mind when sending a customer from a QR code to your domain, you must have interesting content on your site! So send them to a special offer or a particularly interesting blog piece or even your Facebook or Twitter page (social media is usually more inviting that a corporate website).


Do you use QR codes and how are you using them?

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