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LinkedIn “Influencers” blog becomes public

The feature had up until recently been held solely for some of the larger industry giants anddownload (4) political figures, the advice and blog section of LinkedIn has now been made available for all users to share their advice, opinions and ideas. The news of this was announced in a blog post and was suggested that is to rival Twitter; giving users the potential to publicize their brand through yet another medium, without the 140 character limit.

To give an example of how “exclusive” the influencers blog, released during October 2012 examples of some of the 150 people who used it involve Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Martha Stewart. As of now, 25.000 people will be catered for with this service – a number which will grow over the years.

As of the update, LinkedIn users can follow members outside of their existing network and use the new medium to build a new group of followers. The new medium enables them to also share photos, videos and presentations via SlideShare.

The service was initially launched in October 2012 covering a total of 150 people, but now the service will cater to an initial 25,000 people and will be expanded upon over the coming months and years.

“The valuable Influencer posts and the wide range of professional content from millions of publishers that we currently aggregate on LinkedIn are powerful, but only the tip of the iceberg. Combined, our members have extremely valuable and varied experiences; however, their knowledge and expertise has not yet been captured and shared.” – Ryan Roslansky, head of content development at LinkedIn

A large reasoning for making the influencer’s blog public was to attract a new, teenage, audience.

A second feature recently released by the business social network is the ability to block members from seeing your profile, posts and prevent them from messaging you. However, it is important to take into account other ways of hindering unwanted contact such as changing your security settings and disconnecting from people.


European app market ‘can create 4.8 million jobs’

In a report launched in Brussels by EU commission vice president Neele Kroes, the App top-apps-1920Market in Europe has the ability to generate around 4.8 million jobs within the next 5 years. In 2013, we saw the app market generate 17.5 billion euro and this is expected to rise to 63 billion by 2018. With the app market rising, coding seems to be becoming a very important life skill.

Attending the launch of this report was peter Vesterbacka, CMO of Rovio, the developer of Angry Birds. Vesterbacka spoke on the challenges of developing a healthy “app economy” in Europe and declared Angry Birds to be the “biggest digital brand ever”. He also mentioned a scheme to teach children how to code with the “Angry Birds Playground” educational programme.

The EurApp report is based on a study conducted over the course of a year by the Inishgt Centre for Data Analytics and NUI Galway .The study was in association with Gigaom Research and was conducted by John Breslin.

Only 6 billion euro of the above revenue was actually generated from app sales, spending within the apps and advertisement. The bulk of the revenue, came from contract labour.

To give an insight of the earning power of apps, Flappy Bird, a game which was released to app stores briefly this month, generated 50,000 euro in revenue per day for advertisement.

“We all know there’s been a huge growth in apps but the actual revenue numbers in terms of jobs, app sales and contract development work are very encouraging,” – Vesterbacka

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Software for Estate Agents

Vine Swings to Top of App Store

4pm’s Latest News on the App Scene

No other non-game app was downloaded more than Vine in June, according to an app ranker.

Vine spent more than six seconds in social media heaven in June, assuming the coveted position of the most downloaded application on Apple’s App Store for the month, when excluding games.

Twitter-owned Vine, which launched on iPhone in January, is a video application for shooting and sharing GIF-like, 6-second clips that play on repeat. The application pioneered an original video format that lets mobile users weave together bits of clips — until Instagram came along with a similar offering.

But Vine is doing more than fine if application downloads are any indication. The nascent video service beat out YouTube and Snapchat to become the most downloaded non-game application on Apple’s App Store in June. Instagram, meanwhile, was the fifth most-downloaded app for the month, occupying the same spot it held in the previous month.Software for Estate Agents

App Annie does not report actual download numbers, but the service’s monthly rankings have Vine moving up the leader board from the fourth most-downloaded non-game app to the top spot in a single month. The momentum suggests that Vine is picking up steam and new users, despite stiff competition from the immensely popular Instagram, which now has more than 130 million active users.

Vine had 13 million registered users as of early June, prior to its arrival on Android.

Will you be swinging from the Vine or is it just the latest trend? Let us at 4pm know what you think,

Time-saving apps you will love


Life gets busier and more stressful every day. Therefore it is really handy to have some tools which save time and nerves!
4pm present you a couple of apps you will love!!

Software for Estate AgentsNever lose your car again
Your car is at a car park with hundreds of others, and you forgot where you left it. You probably would spend at least a few minutes to search for it. IPhone users do not have to worry about such situations anymore. If the Autopark App is installed, you only need to set a marker on the map in order to find your car afterwards with the built-in GPS



Avoid being on holdSoftware for Estate Agents
Being on hold for ages although you could do something else in the meantime, happens quite often. With the application Holdr you only need to press * and 7 and hang up. Yes you heard right! When the person on the other line gets back to you, the app will give you a call in order to reconnect the call. Even if the other person hung up in the meanwhile Holdr will give him/her a call back.


Software for Estate AgentsScan your notes and listen to it
Assuming, you are on your way to a meeting and would like to take a look at your notes, but you need to drive the car; the app Prizmo could become your best friend. You only need to take a picture of your notes, and your IPhone will read them. It works with text documents, bills, business cards or whiteboards.


Never forget your thoughts again Software for Estate Agents

Sometimes you need to write down very important information or an idea that just came to your mind, but you are on the road or simply you don’t have access to the right tool. With the Jott Assistant you only need to call a specific phone number, speak your thoughts and hang up. The “voicemail” will be converted to a text and sent afterwards to your email account.

Software for Estate AgentsCharge all your devices at once
All your devices need to be charged, at once, so there you have it, many different cables and even worse, your mobile phone is charging in one room, your IPod and your tablet are charging in another room due to the lack of sockets. How amazing would it be to have only one charging station for all your devices, pretty awesome, hu? The iHome iB969 is such a device. You are able to charge your iPod, your IPhone, your tablet, Blackberry or your e-book readers all at once.


Unfortunately all these tools are created for Apple customers. Hopefully, android users will benefit from such apps in the near future.

7 Reasons You Should Be Using Google Apps



1. Collaboration and Sharing of Documents

Google Apps have taken advantage of the speed and accessibility of cloud computing like never before. Google’s popular products such as Gmail and Google Docs allows your employees to communicate and interact with each other seamlessly. With Google Apps you can navigate and find your documents easily as well as allowing sharing and collaboration on your projects. This collaboration and sharing aspect of Google Apps if particularly useful especially in reducing document duplications and differences in document versions.


2. Cloud Computing

Google Apps is a server side application which runs entirely as a cloud based application so you can pick up where ever you left off on any Mac, PC or mobile device. In addition to this your changes are all saved automatically so even if your computer crashes you won’t loose any of your information.


3. Cost Effectiveness

If you have a small company with less that 10 employees then you can run Google Apps for free, however there are limited capabilities. But otherwise its only $5  a month per user or $50 per user a year. For $50 per user per month you get plenty of features you get an unlimited number of user accounts, access to all of Google’s applications, 25 GB of e-mail storage per employee, 24/7 customer support, and a 99.9 percent network uptime guarantee.


4. Event Syncing Through Google Calendar

Google calendar allows multiple employees to post calendar events to the same calendar so other employees can see and edit these events accordingly. In addition the calendar can be colour coded so changes are evident as well as differentiating between employees.


5. The Google Apps Marketplace

The Google Apps Marketplace gives you access to plenty of third party apps that you can utilise and integrate into your current apps. For example, Intuit Online Payroll, allows you to pay employees directly from Google Calendar and provide them online access to paystubs.


6. Substantial Inbox Storage

With Gmail you get 25GB of email storage, which was designed to reduce the amount of deleting you’ll have to do. As well as this there is a powerful search functionality which allows you to find and locate your emails quickly and easily.


7.  Be Green

Moving to Google Apps will significantly reduce your companies spend on electricity and IT infrastructure. Apps is powered by Google’s energy-efficient data centers, which means less energy and carbon-intensive than on-premise servers. So moving your email to the cloud (Gmail) could make you up to 80x more energy efficient.


For more on Google Apps check them out here.


Do you use Google Apps for your business? And how do you like it if you do? If not what are you using?