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Acquaint Anywhere is here!

Have you ever been on a viewing or valuation and wished you could access your contacts or properties?

Well now you can with our new mobile product, Acquaint Anywhere. Get Acquaint Anywhere for only €15 per month or €20 per month if you don’t already have a VPN in place.

Click here to see a demo of Acquaint Anywhere.

Benefits include:

  • Secure access to your data, on the move 24/7
  • Smartphone, tablet, laptop and PC compatible
  • SMS and Email contacts
  • One click dialing of Contacts
  • Diary and Task Management

To celebrate the launch we are currently offering our existing clients a free trial until 1st April 2013, call today on +35315252177 or drop us an email at charlotte@4pm.ie


BER Advertising Guidelines will be a legal requirement for all Letting Agents and Auctioneers on 9th January 2013.




“A person offering a property for sale or rent on or  after 9th January 2013, or their agent, shall ensure that the energy performance indicator of the current BER certificate for the building is stated in any advertisements, where such advertisements are taken relating to the sale or letting of that building. This includes all websites and brochures.

Prospective buyers and renters will be shown the  BER rating (Alphanumeric value) along with other prescribed content (dependent on the particular medium) in a prominent location in each specific advertisement- Where images of the property are used then the presentation of the alphanumeric value will be by  way of the prescribed BER Alphanumeric Rating  Motif for the particular property rating – The BER Alphanumeric Rating Motif artwork files will be made available in electronic format from the SEAI website



Please click here for more details.

N.B: These Guidelines are issued pursuant to article 12 of S.I. 243 of 2012 EUROPEAN UNION (ENERGY PERFORMANCE OF BUILDINGS) REGULATIONS 2012 where in the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) as the designated Issuing Authority, shall from time to time publish guidelines as to how Building Energy Rating (BER) details would be conveyed in property sale and rental advertisements.

In order to help you to be compliant with the SEAI we are offering to include BER motifs on all your website listing pages where properties appear at a discounted rate.

For further details give us a call on 00353 1 525 2177 or email charlotte@4pm.ie

Twitter For Auctioneers & Estate Agents


First step is to create a Twitter account. Get a feel for Twitter browse around, check what other auctioneers and estate agents write. Since Twitter does not automatically show the pictures it is all about your wording. You have 140 characters for a Tweet and people can also favourite your Tweets or re-tweet them. Here are some 4pm tips for auctioneers and estate agents using Twitter.


1. Picture

When adding pictures 4pm suggest that you add a small description. If you see a link and don’t know what the picture is why would you comment on it?


2. Information

Supply the information possible customers need to reach you. 4pm also suggest having links to your webpage, Facebook and email.


3. Customer Service

Be careful what you answer and how you answer it. Our best advice would be to supply a number to call if it is directly related to business. If it is a friendly question make sure to give yourself a moment to think before you tweet back. Sometimes things get blown out of proportion on social media.


4.Custom Background

Get yourself a custom background for more free branding. This can be done by selecting ‘settings’ then ‘design’ and you can then upload headers, backgrounds and alter colours.


5. Blog

If you have a blog, install the Twitter plugin, this will allow your blog to post to Twitter automatically. The jet pack plugin allows you to upload to both Twitter and Facebook.


6. Headlines

Think of your tweets as newspaper headlines. You want to engage people with your text, must be interesting for people to notice. When putting it up think to yourself, would i re-tweet it, if the answer is no well don’t expect it to get retweeted.


8. Price

Don’t comment on the price a property may have sold for, the vendor or applicant may think they might have got more or less money, they don’t want everyone knowing their business.


9. Properties

How do you put up a property on twitter? You have very few words. Put up the main details, 4pm would suggest ‘looking for 3 bed detached house in Rathmines, Dublin 8? checkout out the link below’ as opposed to ‘3 bed in Rathmines’ which is boring. The first prompts them to question am i? Maybe I’m not but I know who may be, so I will click the link.


10. Trends

Look out for trends e.g. #Dublin, if you are about to put a property up that is in ‘Dublin’ take advantage of the trend. Trends help your tag get categorised and noticed by more people.


The above are some basic guidelines to get your Twitter account up and running. You may also find that it is hard to get followers, make sure to include your Twitter link in your signature. Follow competitors and they will follow you back, it also gives you a chance to see what way they are using Twitter. You can also check out our blog here.


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Facebook for auctioneers

Facebook for auctioneersProperty Crm

Facebook can be a great way to get free branding. It gives you a chance to promote yourself and engage customers. Potential prospects may have searched the portals and Google during the day but it is quite likely they will be using Facebook for personal use throughout the day also, why not catch them there too! Here are some 4pm tips for auctioneers using Facebook:

1. Picture

Facebook recommend that your picture is 200 px wide and a varied height. Facebook often crops the photo for you cutting out information or details making it look unprofessional. Make sure the important details are centre and safe from any cropping.

2. Information

Make sure to provide contact details,main employees to contact, opening hours, location, and description of business (not an essay all about you, a 3 line paragraph that is reader friendly)

3. Customer Service

A prospect may write a query on your wall, remember everyone can see. Answer their question and provide a number or email to contact to talk more in detail.

4. Posting

Use your Facebook as an extension of the portals to showcase your products, after all it is free. Address local events, if something is positive it may be hard for your readers to ignore. Comment on property market news. Your brand speaks through your posts for be careful!

5. Blog

If you have a blog, install the Facebook plugin, this will allow your blog to post to Facebook automatically.

6. Emailing

Include your Facebook URL in your business signature in emails.

7. URL

Get a vanity URL which will allow people to find you easily.

8. Price

Don’t comment on the price a property may have sold for, the vendor or applicant may think they might have got more or less money, they don’t want everyone knowing their business.

The above are some basic guidelines and rules for auctioneers and estate agents to get their brands social media campaign up and running. 4pm’s advice is to write a post and leave it for five minutes before posting, some things sound great when you’re writing them but after a second look there’s often a word change. If something sounds controversial is probably is, so don’t write it on your business page, keep it for your personal account. Read our Blog for more top tips.



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Property Market, Are We Over The Worst?

It is said the property market is showing signs of life after years of decline. There are some positive signs, more mortgages are being approved and even more auctions are taking place around the country. There are still some areas of the country that remain ghost towns but there are areas picking up slowly. The areas tend to be areas with good access, public transport and schools close by.


Robert Ganley of Auctioneers Frank Knight said “there is a big rise in the number of viewings” and competition between people that have loans approved and people with hard cash.


The area that seems to be hotting up is the family home sector. Many expats planning to retire are coming home from abroad with hard earned cash from other countries and getting a good exchange rate because of the weakness of the Euro.


There are also the people who sold up in the boom years and decided to wait and rent, they now want to step into the market as it is becoming more expensive to rent as it is to buy.


Will Coonan said that there is an improvement in areas in Dublin like Clontarf, Castleknock and South Dublin where asking prices are some time being exceeded.


With demand for family homes picking up, it still seems as though getting a mortgage is tough, even though the banks claim otherwise.


It seems as though cash buyers and expats now feel the market has bottomed out and are ready to put up the cash in order to get good homes at a bargain.


In contrast it is said, penthouses once top of celebrities shopping list have fallen by up to 84%. It seems as if needs are now being addressed rather than wants by buyers.


See our website for a list of products, which include Acquaint CRM (property management, sales, & letting software), web design, graphic design and online marketing.


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