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Acquaint, continuously evolving with the times

If you feel it’s time to invest in a CRM system or maybe your current CRM system just isn’t up to scratch then let’s talk about why Acquaint will be a good option for you and your company. Acquaint is continuously evolving with the times and what the customer is looking for. The most recent updates of Acquaint include:

  • The ability to work in square foot and square meter units which are automatically converted by the software
  • An online version of Acquaint is now available, Acquaint Anywhere. This gives you the ability to access all the information you have on acquaint when on the go.
  • Acquaint is fully compliant with the BER Advertising Guidelines.
  • Acquaint is also fully compliant with the property regulator therefore all information and records are stored centrally for a minimum of 6 years and all your operations are transparent.
  • T.A.P.I integration involves the pulling up of all clients’ information when they call the office. Therefore everything you may need to know about the client will be right there in front of you

These updates were requested by clients and adhered to. Therefore when you choose Acquaint you can expect excellent levels of customer service as your requests will always be heard, loud and clear! We value the customer’s opinion and will do everything we can to make sure that everything runs smoothly and that the software does exactly what it says on the tin!

BER Advertising Guidelines will be a legal requirement for all Letting Agents and Auctioneers on 9th January 2013.




“A person offering a property for sale or rent on or  after 9th January 2013, or their agent, shall ensure that the energy performance indicator of the current BER certificate for the building is stated in any advertisements, where such advertisements are taken relating to the sale or letting of that building. This includes all websites and brochures.

Prospective buyers and renters will be shown the  BER rating (Alphanumeric value) along with other prescribed content (dependent on the particular medium) in a prominent location in each specific advertisement- Where images of the property are used then the presentation of the alphanumeric value will be by  way of the prescribed BER Alphanumeric Rating  Motif for the particular property rating – The BER Alphanumeric Rating Motif artwork files will be made available in electronic format from the SEAI website



Please click here for more details.

N.B: These Guidelines are issued pursuant to article 12 of S.I. 243 of 2012 EUROPEAN UNION (ENERGY PERFORMANCE OF BUILDINGS) REGULATIONS 2012 where in the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) as the designated Issuing Authority, shall from time to time publish guidelines as to how Building Energy Rating (BER) details would be conveyed in property sale and rental advertisements.

In order to help you to be compliant with the SEAI we are offering to include BER motifs on all your website listing pages where properties appear at a discounted rate.

For further details give us a call on 00353 1 525 2177 or email charlotte@4pm.ie