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A long time ago, in a Galaxy far far away……………..

We’ve all read those famous words before and dreamed of Lightsaber fights on Tattooine or flying an A-Wing in a light speed space battle, but surely this couldn’t be a reality?

There has been an official petition calling for the U.S Government to build a Death-Star, the fictional planet-destroying space station from Star Wars (no, you didn’t read that wrong). However, President Obama has dashed the hopes and dreams of everyone across the Galaxy by rejecting the petition. “Happy will not the dark side be”.

Apparently the Obama administration doesn’t support blowing up planets (shame). Almost 35000 people signed the petition for the Death Star to go under construction, however their hopes of ruling the Galaxy will have to be put on hold.

With the global economy in a continuous meltdown surely this could have been seen as a way of creating hundreds of jobs, whilst also increasing the level of national security from “space invaders” (no, not the computer game kind……or maybe it is?)

Lord Vader was unavailable for comment on the issue, however it is said to be known that he is deeply unhappy with the result, as his previous endeavors in Death Star domination failed.

Acquaint Anywhere is here!

Have you ever been on a viewing or valuation and wished you could access your contacts or properties?

Well now you can with our new mobile product, Acquaint Anywhere. Get Acquaint Anywhere for only €15 per month or €20 per month if you don’t already have a VPN in place.

Click here to see a demo of Acquaint Anywhere.

Benefits include:

  • Secure access to your data, on the move 24/7
  • Smartphone, tablet, laptop and PC compatible
  • SMS and Email contacts
  • One click dialing of Contacts
  • Diary and Task Management

To celebrate the launch we are currently offering our existing clients a free trial until 1st April 2013, call today on +35315252177 or drop us an email at charlotte@4pm.ie


CRM Systems, do I need it, is it worth the investment?


A successful CRM system makes life easier for YOU.

You may be a small business and think you can handle all your customers and sales leads. But let’s face it we can’t always keep on top of everything. Although things are tight at the minute if you find yourself answering yes to any of these questions then maybe it’s time to bow down and invest in a CRM system.

  • Do you use multiple methods to communicate with your customers?
  • Do your customer’s demographics vary?
  • Do you want to be able to target specific customers and personalize their message?
  • Do you want your sales pipeline to be a lot more visible?
  • Have you found yourself or one of your team has called the same person twice with the same pitch?(F.Y.I Customers DO NOT like this!)
  • Are you becoming fed up generating those time consuming reports? Zzzzzzzz
  • Are you struggling to identify the marketing and sales trends within your company? (If so you may be missing opportunities!)


Setting up a CRM system can sometimes be costly so don’t panic. Why not try work out a financial plan for your business that works best for you. With Acquaint we can spread the cost of your CRM system over a period of months. And once your CRM System is in place prepare for…



A Quick Guide to CRM Software

What is CRM Software?

CRM software or customer relationship management software, in case you are unfamiliar with the term, is growing in popularity, especially among SME’s. The main reason for this is the automation of certain processes, such as data entry, that would otherwise take up hours of administration time, making them a vital tool for businesses.

Customer Relationship Management is designed to help your business improve your marketing and sales functions, by linking information and keeping track of your customers. CRM software therefore makes it easier to gather and organise your information exchanges allowing you to develop a better relationship with your customers and progress your sales easily and efficiently.

CRM software is not a new thing, in fact they’ve been around for awhile now but as more software companies invest in the production of CRM’s, better and more advanced CRM softwares are becoming available now. As well as that, the better CRM softwares come with free updates that are usually customer driven and originate from customer feedback, this generally ensures that the software is focused on what the user requires rather than a tonne of unnecessary features.



How do you know when you need a CRM software?

When you have more than a handful of clients a CRM software can become very useful as it’ll help you keep track of your customers easily and effectively.

In the cloud or on your server?

There are valid arguments for both. There’s plenty of talk these days about the advances of cloud based computing, what with advantages such as accessibility and speed, but don’t discount server systems . Having your data on your server or ‘on-premise’ as it can be known, has certain advantages such as increased security, heightened control over your data and in certain cases, customization and integration with other business applications.

Some Areas You Should Consider When Choosing A CRM Software For Your Business

1.  How easy is it to get started?

2. Are you looking for a cloud based or on-premise (software on your server/ machine) software?

3. How much mobility do you want? Do you need the system to link up to your mobile phone?

4. What support/training services does the company in question offer with the CRM software?

5. Does the software have any partnerships with other companies? Could it integrate with Microsoft Office?


If you want to know more about our Property CRM software get in touch with us

Are you using a CRM software for your business? Which one do you use? How do you find it?

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A Quick Guide To Pinterest For Businesses



What Exactly IS Pinterest?

Pinterest is essentially a virtual pinboard where users can ‘pin’ images, that are often linked to places of interest on the web. What makes Pinterest so popular is it’s facilitation of the discovery and easy sharing of new ideas and inspirations.

Pinterest has quickly become a phenomenon and as of March 2012 ranks as the third largest social media site in terms of site views with 104 million in 2012 with 14.9 million users. Facebook and Twitter are still towering ahead but considering Pinterest was only launched in 2010 it’s growth rate is staggering.


User’s can pin images to boards that they create, generally categorised into different themes, for example books that you love, places you’d like to visit, recipes you’d like to try out. Boards keep your images in a clean and uncluttered environment, which also helps you navigate easily around the site and your own boards.

Pinterest doesn’t have a facility to purchase products directly from the site but you can direct viewers back to the original source by attaching a URL to the image and in terms of marketing potential your images can get repinned and can spread quickly. 80% of pins are repins highlighting how viral this platform is.


How Your Business Could and Should Be Using Pinterest


1. Spend Time Setting Up Your Pinterest Account


When you set up a business Pinterest account make sure you fill in all the section, give the viewers as well as the search engines as much information you can. When writing descriptions use specific keywords to maximise your search engine friendliness. Also ensure your company logo is uploaded so users can easily and quickly identify your company. This will also help build brand awareness.


Also putting the Pinterest buttons on your website or your blog makes it easier for viewers to access your Pinterest account as well as encouraging them to them pin and share your content.


In general, spend time on pinterest, develop your boards, repin popular users in your area of business, get to know them, then they may start repinning your pins and spreading your message for you.


2. Pin Original Images


Pinning original images and linking viewers back to your blog will drive traffic to your blog. Additionally, if you’re going to pin original images make sure to include a watermark or your company logo on the image to ensure you are credited on repins.


3. Showcase Your Products


Showcase your company products on Pinterest.  A good way to do this is by dividing them into product categories or target markets for example. designers or estate agents. You can also create boards like ‘Products Just In’ or ‘The Best Of’.

If you don’t sell products and are services based you can still use Pinterest to showcase your business. For example if you design websites you can upload examples of websites you’ve designed, if your a desginer, this can be a great place for your portfolio.


4. Include A Price Tag


If you want to include a price for a product you’ve pinned you can add a price tag. From this your pin will be added into the ‘gifts’ section on Pinterest. The gifts section is a virtual catalog of all gift ideas for repinning or redirection back to your website to complete the purchase.


5. Pin to Your Target Market: Your Ideal Client

See what your ideal client is pinning and repin and pin to their interests. This will grab your ideal customers’ interest as they will be more likely to come across your content and pins.


Finally…Pinterest Will Help Your SEO Efforts

Pinterest adds to your SEO efforts by creating quality backlinks to your blog or website when you or users link your sites. Also by ensuring your boards are described properly and keyword rich will help viewers find your content and your company. You can also share your pins through Facebook and Twitter exposing your content to more viewers and increasing the likelihood of viewers clinking through to your actual website. Additionally, as this backlinks increase traffic to your website or blog this will improve your search engine ranking.

An entire book could be written (and probably has) about how Pinterest could be used to benefit your business but for now we’ll leave it here.


Have you started using Pinterest? If so how is it going? What kind of things are you trying out? Let us know in the comments section below!


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