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How To Improve Your Website With 10 Simple Tips

Have you recently designed a new website or had someone do it for you? Do you find your website still isn’t getting the desired traffic? 4pm have a few tips on how you can improve your website in order to make it worth its investment.

1. Speed up your websiteSoftware for Estate Agents

The tricky thing about the speed of a website is that people only notice it when it’s absent, however it is a very important point to consider.

2. Clean up your menu:

A clean navigation is important to find things with ease and makes a visit to your site a more pleasant experience to your site visitors.

3. Make your site mobile-friendly:     Software for Estate Agents

With more and more people having smart phones, make sure your website is mobile optimized so you don’t drive away any potential customers.

4. Use suitable colours:

Colours have a big impact on your readers, so think twice before you go for a very flashy shade. Keep in mind what the colours mean, colour symbolism can make a difference.

5. Keep your links up to date

A broken link is a horribly bad sign because it shows your site visitors that your website is not very current.

6. Add testimonials:

Don`t underestimate the value of your existing customer base and make use of it to increase your trustworthiness. Ask them to express how your company has helped them to solve their problems, fulfill their needs or save money.

7. Consider your spelling and grammar  

Software for Estate Agents

For many people spelling or grammar mistakes can be very off-putting and decrease the quality of your content. Therefore make sure you check it and correct any possible mistakes.

8. Implement calls to action on every page

Don`t forget that your website is first and foremost a tool for you to make leads and convert them into new customers; therefore every single website should motivate your site visitor to get active.

9. Make a fresh start

If your website is very old-fashioned then going back to square one could be a better option.

10. Hire a professional

A lot of people try to do it on their own, but sometimes it might be a better idea to leave it to the experts if you want to achieve some success with your online presence. Here at 4pm we would be  very happy to assist you. Contact us today for a free consultation at 014978671