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Acquaint, continuously evolving with the times

If you feel it’s time to invest in a CRM system or maybe your current CRM system just isn’t up to scratch then let’s talk about why Acquaint will be a good option for you and your company. Acquaint is continuously evolving with the times and what the customer is looking for. The most recent updates of Acquaint include:

  • The ability to work in square foot and square meter units which are automatically converted by the software
  • An online version of Acquaint is now available, Acquaint Anywhere. This gives you the ability to access all the information you have on acquaint when on the go.
  • Acquaint is fully compliant with the BER Advertising Guidelines.
  • Acquaint is also fully compliant with the property regulator therefore all information and records are stored centrally for a minimum of 6 years and all your operations are transparent.
  • T.A.P.I integration involves the pulling up of all clients’ information when they call the office. Therefore everything you may need to know about the client will be right there in front of you

These updates were requested by clients and adhered to. Therefore when you choose Acquaint you can expect excellent levels of customer service as your requests will always be heard, loud and clear! We value the customer’s opinion and will do everything we can to make sure that everything runs smoothly and that the software does exactly what it says on the tin!

CRM Systems, do I need it, is it worth the investment?


A successful CRM system makes life easier for YOU.

You may be a small business and think you can handle all your customers and sales leads. But let’s face it we can’t always keep on top of everything. Although things are tight at the minute if you find yourself answering yes to any of these questions then maybe it’s time to bow down and invest in a CRM system.

  • Do you use multiple methods to communicate with your customers?
  • Do your customer’s demographics vary?
  • Do you want to be able to target specific customers and personalize their message?
  • Do you want your sales pipeline to be a lot more visible?
  • Have you found yourself or one of your team has called the same person twice with the same pitch?(F.Y.I Customers DO NOT like this!)
  • Are you becoming fed up generating those time consuming reports? Zzzzzzzz
  • Are you struggling to identify the marketing and sales trends within your company? (If so you may be missing opportunities!)


Setting up a CRM system can sometimes be costly so don’t panic. Why not try work out a financial plan for your business that works best for you. With Acquaint we can spread the cost of your CRM system over a period of months. And once your CRM System is in place prepare for…



A Quick Guide to CRM Software

What is CRM Software?

CRM software or customer relationship management software, in case you are unfamiliar with the term, is growing in popularity, especially among SME’s. The main reason for this is the automation of certain processes, such as data entry, that would otherwise take up hours of administration time, making them a vital tool for businesses.

Customer Relationship Management is designed to help your business improve your marketing and sales functions, by linking information and keeping track of your customers. CRM software therefore makes it easier to gather and organise your information exchanges allowing you to develop a better relationship with your customers and progress your sales easily and efficiently.

CRM software is not a new thing, in fact they’ve been around for awhile now but as more software companies invest in the production of CRM’s, better and more advanced CRM softwares are becoming available now. As well as that, the better CRM softwares come with free updates that are usually customer driven and originate from customer feedback, this generally ensures that the software is focused on what the user requires rather than a tonne of unnecessary features.



How do you know when you need a CRM software?

When you have more than a handful of clients a CRM software can become very useful as it’ll help you keep track of your customers easily and effectively.

In the cloud or on your server?

There are valid arguments for both. There’s plenty of talk these days about the advances of cloud based computing, what with advantages such as accessibility and speed, but don’t discount server systems . Having your data on your server or ‘on-premise’ as it can be known, has certain advantages such as increased security, heightened control over your data and in certain cases, customization and integration with other business applications.

Some Areas You Should Consider When Choosing A CRM Software For Your Business

1.  How easy is it to get started?

2. Are you looking for a cloud based or on-premise (software on your server/ machine) software?

3. How much mobility do you want? Do you need the system to link up to your mobile phone?

4. What support/training services does the company in question offer with the CRM software?

5. Does the software have any partnerships with other companies? Could it integrate with Microsoft Office?


If you want to know more about our Property CRM software get in touch with us

Are you using a CRM software for your business? Which one do you use? How do you find it?

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Twitter For Auctioneers & Estate Agents


First step is to create a Twitter account. Get a feel for Twitter browse around, check what other auctioneers and estate agents write. Since Twitter does not automatically show the pictures it is all about your wording. You have 140 characters for a Tweet and people can also favourite your Tweets or re-tweet them. Here are some 4pm tips for auctioneers and estate agents using Twitter.


1. Picture

When adding pictures 4pm suggest that you add a small description. If you see a link and don’t know what the picture is why would you comment on it?


2. Information

Supply the information possible customers need to reach you. 4pm also suggest having links to your webpage, Facebook and email.


3. Customer Service

Be careful what you answer and how you answer it. Our best advice would be to supply a number to call if it is directly related to business. If it is a friendly question make sure to give yourself a moment to think before you tweet back. Sometimes things get blown out of proportion on social media.


4.Custom Background

Get yourself a custom background for more free branding. This can be done by selecting ‘settings’ then ‘design’ and you can then upload headers, backgrounds and alter colours.


5. Blog

If you have a blog, install the Twitter plugin, this will allow your blog to post to Twitter automatically. The jet pack plugin allows you to upload to both Twitter and Facebook.


6. Headlines

Think of your tweets as newspaper headlines. You want to engage people with your text, must be interesting for people to notice. When putting it up think to yourself, would i re-tweet it, if the answer is no well don’t expect it to get retweeted.


8. Price

Don’t comment on the price a property may have sold for, the vendor or applicant may think they might have got more or less money, they don’t want everyone knowing their business.


9. Properties

How do you put up a property on twitter? You have very few words. Put up the main details, 4pm would suggest ‘looking for 3 bed detached house in Rathmines, Dublin 8? checkout out the link below’ as opposed to ‘3 bed in Rathmines’ which is boring. The first prompts them to question am i? Maybe I’m not but I know who may be, so I will click the link.


10. Trends

Look out for trends e.g. #Dublin, if you are about to put a property up that is in ‘Dublin’ take advantage of the trend. Trends help your tag get categorised and noticed by more people.


The above are some basic guidelines to get your Twitter account up and running. You may also find that it is hard to get followers, make sure to include your Twitter link in your signature. Follow competitors and they will follow you back, it also gives you a chance to see what way they are using Twitter. You can also check out our blog here.


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