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Twitter For Auctioneers & Estate Agents


First step is to create a Twitter account. Get a feel for Twitter browse around, check what other auctioneers and estate agents write. Since Twitter does not automatically show the pictures it is all about your wording. You have 140 characters for a Tweet and people can also favourite your Tweets or re-tweet them. Here are some 4pm tips for auctioneers and estate agents using Twitter.


1. Picture

When adding pictures 4pm suggest that you add a small description. If you see a link and don’t know what the picture is why would you comment on it?


2. Information

Supply the information possible customers need to reach you. 4pm also suggest having links to your webpage, Facebook and email.


3. Customer Service

Be careful what you answer and how you answer it. Our best advice would be to supply a number to call if it is directly related to business. If it is a friendly question make sure to give yourself a moment to think before you tweet back. Sometimes things get blown out of proportion on social media.


4.Custom Background

Get yourself a custom background for more free branding. This can be done by selecting ‘settings’ then ‘design’ and you can then upload headers, backgrounds and alter colours.


5. Blog

If you have a blog, install the Twitter plugin, this will allow your blog to post to Twitter automatically. The jet pack plugin allows you to upload to both Twitter and Facebook.


6. Headlines

Think of your tweets as newspaper headlines. You want to engage people with your text, must be interesting for people to notice. When putting it up think to yourself, would i re-tweet it, if the answer is no well don’t expect it to get retweeted.


8. Price

Don’t comment on the price a property may have sold for, the vendor or applicant may think they might have got more or less money, they don’t want everyone knowing their business.


9. Properties

How do you put up a property on twitter? You have very few words. Put up the main details, 4pm would suggest ‘looking for 3 bed detached house in Rathmines, Dublin 8? checkout out the link below’ as opposed to ‘3 bed in Rathmines’ which is boring. The first prompts them to question am i? Maybe I’m not but I know who may be, so I will click the link.


10. Trends

Look out for trends e.g. #Dublin, if you are about to put a property up that is in ‘Dublin’ take advantage of the trend. Trends help your tag get categorised and noticed by more people.


The above are some basic guidelines to get your Twitter account up and running. You may also find that it is hard to get followers, make sure to include your Twitter link in your signature. Follow competitors and they will follow you back, it also gives you a chance to see what way they are using Twitter. You can also check out our blog here.


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5 Ways To Grow Your Business

1. Extend and Hone

The Internet and new technologies have enabled businesses to communicate to their customers on a much larger scale than ever before. It is important to utilise these new communication tools as you can be almost guaranteed your competitors are. But it’s still important to remember the old tried and true rules; build strong relationships with your customers and develop a strong reputation for potential ones.


2. Network

As important as it is to socially network with potential and current customers, don’t forget to network with your peers. Sites like Linkedin can connect you with those in your industry as well as other like minded business people. Linkedin also offers referral and recommendation features with can help build credibility in addition to building your network.


3. Connect

It is important in today’s society to truly connect and engage with your customers. Remember, it’s a two way conversation, you can’t just talk AT your customers.



4. Listen

The Internet can provide endless amounts of customer feedback which can be extremely useful if you are prepared to facilitate and listen to it. Potential channels that your business may benefit from are:


  • Social Medias (eg. FacebookTwitter)
  • Rating Services (eg. Yelp)
  • Discussion Forums (eg. boards.ie, create a forum venue on your own website)

5. Earn it

Earning your way is a term that generally refers to drawing in your customers and earning a customer relationship by offering them something of value, normally information. Some suggestions on how to approach this are:




  • Optimise

Search Engine Optimisation has become an integral part of every online business. If you don’t know how to do it, we recommend you get a pro to help you out.



  • Blog

A blog can help show a more personable side to your business that your corporate website may not be able to display. Talk about subjects that will interest people in your industry or potential customers.



  • Socialise

Display your content where your customers and readers hang out on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.



  • Interact

Make sure your blog visitors can interact and comment on your blog so it becomes more of a social space rather than a one way conversation. Also make it easy for them to ask questions, contact you directly and privately and finally to purchase from you.



To find out more about how you can grow your business through social medias contact us on 01 4978671 or email charlotte@4pm.ie.

7 Reasons for Your Business to Use Social Networks

Social networking is now a crucial element for most Irish businesses as they offer a more interactive platform to engage with your consumers.
Cost efficiency – Social networks can generate greater exposure for your products and services in a cost efficient manner which allows smaller companies to compete on a more level playing field against their larger counterparts.
Authority – As well as being cost efficient social networks can allow you to display and position yourself as an authority in your industry, which gives your existing and potential customers the impression that they are dealing with a reputable business.



Viral potential – Social networks allow your message to reach a large audience, creating new fans and followers as well as sales prospects. To utilise this you need to ensure your content is relevant to the particular audience you are trying to engage. For example, real estate agents could post information and tips for first time buyers.
A more engaging communications platform – Social networks can add value to the company/consumer relationship, as they enable consumers to express themselves. This is beneficial to your company as you can quickly discover who is interested in your products or services. Additionally, customers can write about their positive experiences with your company (electronic word-of-mouth), which has been proven to positively influence other customers.
Commercial potential – Being able to subtly push your products/services through social networks raises awareness of your brand.
Reputation management – You have the ability to be part of the conversation to resolve any issues customers may have as well as having the ability to steer the conversation away from negatively into more positive directions.






Consumers who use Facebook and Google+ at least once a day, by age. (ROI, July, 2012)


(Source: Mintel)



As the table above suggests a significant proportion of the population use social networking sites daily.It is vital that your company is present on at least one, but preferably all of the largest eg. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube as well as maintaining a blog if possible.
To find out more about how your company can utilise social networks get in touch with us today!


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How to generate more real estate leads with a blog!!



generate real estate leads blogging

 Many Irish Estate Agents have taken up blogging due to its effective results and ease to use.

We are assuming you already have a blog If you do not  call our sales team to discuss having one made which will encompass all of the below ideals.

How to Generate More Leads Through Your Blog?


We recommend the following actions:

Make the agent’s phone number visible by putting it as the header of the article, thus drawing your readers attention and providing call to action. A call to action will assist you  in converting a lead to a sale.
Place a text box at the top of each page that allows readers to ask questions. This will encourage conversation and nurture your leads. Including a chat option within your blog will affirm this.
All of these strategies are used to achieve a common goal — to produce MORE  real estate leads through your website!


Call to action/Commenting/Live Chat:

Making the phone number more prominent is self-explanatory. It doesn’t require much discussion. If your contact information is easier to spot, people will be more inclined to use it.

The commenting feature generates real estate leads through the blog by encouraging readers to ask questions and give opinions about something they are reading.

Your lead is real time and your readers are the most most curious and likely to close.  Live interaction with Clients will advance your lead within the sales funnel, as once they leave your site they are less likely to follow up with you regarding any questions.
Your live web chats will  eventually turn into a business relationships and is an effective way to get more online real estate leads.

Live chat can help you breathe life into your website. Instead of sending an email and waiting for a response, people can click the chat button and have a dialogue with a live person.


Results: More Real Estate Leads

By adopting the recommendations above you can double the inbound leads you receive via your website. Not only are you providing real  time customer support and clear call to actions, you are creating fresh web content frequently. This fact alone will increase your Google ranking and make your website more accessible to your potential clients.



For a chat about the 4pm blogging and SEO service give us a call on 01 525 2177

2012 Toolkit

The 2012 Toolkit

In today’s global market, shifts in economic power have forced companies to alter their brand strategy. However, although there is rising uncertainty, there are still many things to be positive about. New markets and channels can allow companies greater creativity and opportunities if harnessed properly. To help with this here is a ten point toolkit for ideas and best practice in marketing.


1.       Consumers

Due to consumer segmentation, product innovation as well as communications should be developed with multiple audiences in mind. Additionally, it can be beneficial identifying consumers in emerging markets as well as established markets.

Also, it is important to consider your consumer’s media consumption as not all segments consume media in the same way.

2.    Brand Management

Know what your brand stands for both internationally and locally. Dropping a pan-regional campaign in favour of a more local approach may be more beneficial. Additionally ensuring there are structures in place to share consumer insights and best practices across markets can prove useful. Finally, ensure everything you do is right for your brand and your product or services category.


 3.    Integration

Integration of old media and new media channels (paid, owned and earned) has become increasingly difficult. However it is extremely important to fully integrate traditional and digital channels to ensure coherency. Though it should be recognised that each channel has different strengths which need to be identified and utilised. Finally, do not underestimate or ignore paid media as when used well it can drive earned and owned media.


4.    Innovation   

Product or service innovations are becoming an effective marketing tool. Even small innovations, provided they are grounded in consumer insights can be particularly effective. For example Apps can be relatively cheap to produce and a good one can deliver many benefits.

Setting aside a budget for testing new product or service ideas can be beneficial, however you should be prepared for a high failure rate.


5.    Effectiveness

Effectiveness in this sense refers to effectiveness of sponsorship. 2012 was a major year for sponsorship due to the London Olympics and the Euro 2012 football championship. Undoubtedly sponsorship can be effective, however this marketing tool does suffer from a lack of measurement. Generally, advertising metrics such as awareness are used to gauge sponsorship success. But it is suggested that results in the form of increased customer loyalty and shareholder value are more telling in terms of effectiveness.


6.    Buzz   

Encouraging consumers to recommend a brand to friends and acquaintances has never been more important for brands. Additionally, it is important to be aware of offline word of mouth as in some cases it can be more beneficial than online word of mouth. Finally, it is important to remember than a consumer orientated company will generate more positive WOM.


 7.    Content`

Content should be both relevant and remarkable or people won’t share it. Also, having your marketing and PR functions working together in a content strategy is advisable.


8.    Metrics    

The new technological environment can provide an abundance of measurable channels. However, don’t look for an all-encompassing measure of social media ROI, set different KPIs for each initiative that uses social media. If you build a community, you need to keep them so make sure you regularly engage them.


9.    Data   

New media technology such as mobile, tablets and social networking impact all areas of business, not just communications. It is important to know what to do with the data these technologies produce. Qualitative data needs to be managed carefully to be useful. Finally, data does not replace strategy, strategy is a response to data.


 10.   Insight

 Don’t assume a catch-all ‘emotional’ positioning will be the best way to engage and connect with consumers. Look for where your brand’s core strengths meet a cultural insight.


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