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Irelands Internet


Since the first commercial desktop in 1965 the world, including Ireland has come a long way. For entertainment, work, shopping and browsing for products you may buy, the internet is many peoples first stop. ITU says that in 2000 Ireland’s internet population was 20.9%. ITU’s report for 2010 paints a different picture, a whopping 65.8% of Ireland are on the internet.


If so many people choose to use the internet  some companies have been able to flourish and change their business models due to the use of e-commerce website. A great example is the way Ryanair have automated their whole booking process. Having said that some businesses have also held back from moving part of their business online, and you would have to wonder why when there is such an opportunity. Here are some companies who have used the internet to their advantage.

Top 25 Irish e-commerce websites

( alexa.com sep 2010)

1. Ryanair.com
2. Aer Lingus.com
3. Ebay.ie
4. Partypoker
5. o2 online
6.  Vodafone
7. Ebay.co.uk
8. Apple.com
9. Booking.com
10. Amazon.com
11. Ebay.com
12. Ticketmaster.ie
13. Meteor.ie
14. irishrail.ie
15. Three.ie
16. Littlewoodsireland.ie
17. Hotels.com
18. Lotto.ie
19. Paddypower.com
20. Zynga.com
21. Wptpoker.com
22. Goireland.com
23. Asos.com
24. Buy4now.ie
25. Ebookers.ie

Top 25 Visited sites in Ireland

(Alexa.com oct 2012)

  1. Google.ie
  2. Google.com
  3. Facebook.com
  4. Youtube.com
  5. Yahoo.com
  6. Wikipedia.org
  7. Linkedin.com
  8. Live.com
  9. Twitter.com
  10. BBC.co.uk
  11. Rte.ie
  12. Blogspot.ie
  13. Amazon.co.uk
  14. Ebay.ie
  15. Aib.ie
  16. Donedeal.ie
  17. Amazon.com
  18. Independent.ie
  19. Irishtimes.com
  20. Boards.ie
  21. dailymail.co.uk
  22. paypal.com
  23. daft.ie
  24. wordpress.com
  25. 365online.com


If opening up your business to new opportunities and creating new avenues for revenue,  take advantage of the large online population in Ireland and call 4pm for a free consultation.01 4978671


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The launch of HTMOR’s website

19th June 2012 was the launch day for HTMOR. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this company, they are one of the biggest commercial and property agents in Ireland, making 2 billion worth of property transactions over the past three years. To name a few clients HTMOR have worked in the past, they have worked with large companies such as: eBay, D’Amico Tankers, Eirgrid, Partner Re, Price Waterhouse Coopers and Bryne Wallace.


HTMOR approached us, at 4pm Design, to re-vamp their website to complete their profesional approach and look. After months of hard work and graft, the website is now complete, and everything that the company hoped it would be. The staff at 4pm Design have been social media crazy on Facebook and Twitter to let everyone know that the day has arrived to show off the finished and fabulous website.


Speaking on working with HTMOR, our very own, Sales and Marketing Director, Charlotte Lawson and Senior Sales and Marketing Executive, Pamela Mc Weeney said: “HTMOR are a well established commercial and residential estate agent who has prided them self on professional services and they have been a pleasure to work with over the past few months”.


Check out the website on www.HTMOR.ie.