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Ads on peoples Facebook “News Feed” are proven to be 51 times more likely to be clicked than display ads

Wolfgang Digital, a company of self-proclaimed Digital Marketing “Nerds”, recently carried out a study which examined the click through rate (or CTR) of the variety ad-types on Facebook, The study has proven that the number of clicks on ads that appear on a user’s newsfeed is significantly higher than ads elsewhere and thus receive a higher level of engagement

Over a seven month campaign, beginning in June 2013 and ending in January 2014, the Wolfgang Digital team analysed three million Facebook Impressions through 24/7 campaign. In doing so, Wolfgang Digital successfully determined that the average CTR for a facebook display ad (those which appear on the right hand side of the screen, beside the friends list), was 0.4pc,which is around half the average CTR for display ads across the net.

Ads in users news feeds however, were shown to hold a CTR of 2.09 PTC making them 51 times more likely to be clicked on than facebook display ads. The tremendous CTR of News Feed Ads is close to the CTR seen in ads by Google AdWords

There are roughly 2.4 million people across Ireland alone, who use Facebook. However, despite the massive user base, ads on Facebook often don’t receive the desired attention. Wolfgang’s figures are similar to those concluded by a study from AdRoll, stating news feed ads were 49 times more likely to generate clicks than display ads.

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Facebook is Learning how to Talk

Social networking giant Facebook has acquired speech recognition company Mobile Technologies for an undisclosed sum in what looks like a move to help users overcome language barriers.

Mobile Technologies develops speech recognition and machine translation technology. Its main cross-lingual communication tool is Jibbigo, which the company describes as “the world’s first speech-to-speech translator on a phone that runs online and even offline, independent from the internet.”

It’s not entirely clear what Facebook plans to do with the technology, Software for Estate Agentsrevealing little in a statement.

“Voice technology has become an increasingly important way for people to navigate mobile devices and the web, and this technology will help us evolve our products to match that evolution,” Facebook said.

“We believe this acquisition is an investment in our long-term product roadmap as we continue towards our company’s mission.”

Mobile Technologies echoed that sentiment in its own statement.

“Facebook, with its mission to make the world more open and connected, provides the perfect platform to apply our technology at a truly global scale. We look forward to continuing to develop our technology at Facebook and finding new and interesting ways to apply it to Facebook’s long-term product roadmap.”

Under the deal, much of Mobile Technologies’ staff will join Facebook at Software for Estate Agentsits headquarters in Menlo Park, California.

What do you think Facebook plans to do? Let us at 4pm hear your ideas.

Facebook Graph Search

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In order to remain popular among social media users, Facebook is constantly coming up with new features and ideas to keep us all engaged.

The latest development is an advanced search engine which answers users’ questions regarding people, photos, places, and interests.

At first this function will only be available to the American English Facebook user, but this  will be introduced in other languages. By applying search terms such as ‘People who like cycling and are from my hometown’ this tool helps you to find people in your network and detect possible connections. The Graph Search will be put in place for the usual white search bar at the top of each page.

We are excited about trying out ourselves this new function! What about you? Leave us your comments!

New Gmail Inbox


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These days everyone is using Gmail. It really is quite handy, as a Google account holder you are not restricted to just the mail function you can also write documents, create lists and even design presentations.

The only disadvantage Gmail has had so far was the lack of organisation of the individual emails. But wait what about the Priority Inbox. For those of you who weren’t aware of this function the Priority Inbox subdivides all the incoming emails into three categories, the most important, middle and bottom section. In order to sort your messages to the different sections it tries to analyse them. It does this by looking at how often you opened and replied to emails from certain contacts.

The new Inbox has basically the same concept. However it subdivides all your messages into several categories, Primary (messages from real people), Promotions (advertisements), Social (Twitter and facebook), Updates (certain notifications, bills), and Forums (mailing lists like from mailchimp). Each individual section shows, how many unread messages are in it.
Basically this concept is way easier than the priority box, as it doesn’t try to find out which messages are more important to you.

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This update will be available for all Gmail customers within the next few weeks and it also includes a version for Android and iOS apps.

What are your thoughts? Do you think this will be a useful update?
4pm hope your Monday wasn’t too tough!

New video sharing element on Instagram

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Kevin Systrom, the co-founder of Instagram, announced during Facebook`s media event last Friday(21/06) that the service will from now on also feature a video sharing element. He said the new service would include everything their fans know and love about Instagram, but it moves.
To explain this step he said that in order to capture the world`s beautiful moments, a picture is often not sufficient. Since Friday the social media now includes a video camera icon on the capture screen.

Even though the new service does not have the same looping feature as Vine, you can still record videos in installments. Furthermore, there are 13 different filter effects available. Pretty cool eh? 4pm would like to hear your thoughts on Instagrams new feature?