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Seeing the world through Google glasses

Google is well known for being a highly innovative and futuristic company, but with their latest invention they have even managed to outdo themselves.

Google have invented glasses with an included microphone and a half-transparent video screen, with which you can see all the information in front of your right eye. 

The idea behind this wearable technology is to aid their users through their everyday lives. If you are bad at memorizing names or places, you can easily outsource it to the device. Handy eh?

These new glasses offer 14 services to choose from, information about daily meetings, the weather, as well as a navigation system. Moreover it seems to have also a music function although the missing earphones make us wonder how exactly it works. Calling somebody with a video function is another option as well as information about the latest offers which pop up immediately on your screen if you walk by a store.

So far, the Google glasses are still not fully developed and it is unclear when they will be released on the market, probably at the end of 2013. Google fans are asked for their feedback and creativity to ensure their participation in the design process. 

Google`s latest innovation shows its users an augmented reality and they will now have more visible knowledge available at any time without having to use their hands. Apart from being constantly distracted like bumping into somebody on the street, privacy issues could keep you from getting that gadget. So the question remains, which of our private information will Google use again? As this product is not launched yet, we will see if Google keep their promises and manage their shortcomings.

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