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7 Reasons You Should Be Using Google Apps



1. Collaboration and Sharing of Documents

Google Apps have taken advantage of the speed and accessibility of cloud computing like never before. Google’s popular products such as Gmail and Google Docs allows your employees to communicate and interact with each other seamlessly. With Google Apps you can navigate and find your documents easily as well as allowing sharing and collaboration on your projects. This collaboration and sharing aspect of Google Apps if particularly useful especially in reducing document duplications and differences in document versions.


2. Cloud Computing

Google Apps is a server side application which runs entirely as a cloud based application so you can pick up where ever you left off on any Mac, PC or mobile device. In addition to this your changes are all saved automatically so even if your computer crashes you won’t loose any of your information.


3. Cost Effectiveness

If you have a small company with less that 10 employees then you can run Google Apps for free, however there are limited capabilities. But otherwise its only $5  a month per user or $50 per user a year. For $50 per user per month you get plenty of features you get an unlimited number of user accounts, access to all of Google’s applications, 25 GB of e-mail storage per employee, 24/7 customer support, and a 99.9 percent network uptime guarantee.


4. Event Syncing Through Google Calendar

Google calendar allows multiple employees to post calendar events to the same calendar so other employees can see and edit these events accordingly. In addition the calendar can be colour coded so changes are evident as well as differentiating between employees.


5. The Google Apps Marketplace

The Google Apps Marketplace gives you access to plenty of third party apps that you can utilise and integrate into your current apps. For example, Intuit Online Payroll, allows you to pay employees directly from Google Calendar and provide them online access to paystubs.


6. Substantial Inbox Storage

With Gmail you get 25GB of email storage, which was designed to reduce the amount of deleting you’ll have to do. As well as this there is a powerful search functionality which allows you to find and locate your emails quickly and easily.


7.  Be Green

Moving to Google Apps will significantly reduce your companies spend on electricity and IT infrastructure. Apps is powered by Google’s energy-efficient data centers, which means less energy and carbon-intensive than on-premise servers. So moving your email to the cloud (Gmail) could make you up to 80x more energy efficient.


For more on Google Apps check them out here.


Do you use Google Apps for your business? And how do you like it if you do? If not what are you using?



Print Media Losing Advertising To Google

4pm Design Process

A new study from German statistics company Statista study shows that Google makes more revenue from advertising than all the print media in the US combined. The study shows that Google made $20.8 billion dollars from advertising in the first six months of 2012 while the combined print media made $19.2 billion dollars.

Print Media & Google Statistics

However the study only compares media print in the U.S, while the Google revenue accounts for their global advertising. If we look back to 2004 we can see than the print advertising is so far ahead of Google that they probably never saw it coming. The further the print revenue fell, the higher Google revenue seemed to rise, due to more and more people getting computers and internet access most probably.

The magazine advertising looks quite static, reasons being magazine advertising is aimed at a very targeted and loyal audience. You would only pay to advertise in a magazine if your product was very suited to the audience, giving you a higher chance of conversion. Figures for 2012 are lower due to the fact they only account for the first six months of 2012.

The print media now needs to act, but how can they combat against Google? Realistically it would be hard to put effort into fighting Google, but what form of advertising gets the best conversion rate online or offline? Online is global but offline is targeted and targeted can often reap the best results. The figures featured is revenue not profit, it is possible for the print industry increase profits while revenue stays the same. This can be accomplished by cutting costs!

4pm Design can streamline the design process when creating adverts for newspapers and magazines using the web to print platform. 4pm Design start by examining specifications for print ready PDF advertisements. A cloud-based design library then becomes the salesperson’s link with the production line. Advertisers choose ad space, choose a template, edit the template, and submit for advertising. The white label solution reduces costs by streamlining the process and reducing design staff, reducing errors by giving the customer more power and having them do part of the work. It is a simple easy process the whole team can use.

Such cost cutting by empowering customers to do the work your staff used to can be seen by airlines, you now print off your own boarding pass. Templates uploaded by the designers will also earn them royalties if they are used.

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Irelands Internet


Since the first commercial desktop in 1965 the world, including Ireland has come a long way. For entertainment, work, shopping and browsing for products you may buy, the internet is many peoples first stop. ITU says that in 2000 Ireland’s internet population was 20.9%. ITU’s report for 2010 paints a different picture, a whopping 65.8% of Ireland are on the internet.


If so many people choose to use the internet  some companies have been able to flourish and change their business models due to the use of e-commerce website. A great example is the way Ryanair have automated their whole booking process. Having said that some businesses have also held back from moving part of their business online, and you would have to wonder why when there is such an opportunity. Here are some companies who have used the internet to their advantage.

Top 25 Irish e-commerce websites

( alexa.com sep 2010)

1. Ryanair.com
2. Aer Lingus.com
3. Ebay.ie
4. Partypoker
5. o2 online
6.  Vodafone
7. Ebay.co.uk
8. Apple.com
9. Booking.com
10. Amazon.com
11. Ebay.com
12. Ticketmaster.ie
13. Meteor.ie
14. irishrail.ie
15. Three.ie
16. Littlewoodsireland.ie
17. Hotels.com
18. Lotto.ie
19. Paddypower.com
20. Zynga.com
21. Wptpoker.com
22. Goireland.com
23. Asos.com
24. Buy4now.ie
25. Ebookers.ie

Top 25 Visited sites in Ireland

(Alexa.com oct 2012)

  1. Google.ie
  2. Google.com
  3. Facebook.com
  4. Youtube.com
  5. Yahoo.com
  6. Wikipedia.org
  7. Linkedin.com
  8. Live.com
  9. Twitter.com
  10. BBC.co.uk
  11. Rte.ie
  12. Blogspot.ie
  13. Amazon.co.uk
  14. Ebay.ie
  15. Aib.ie
  16. Donedeal.ie
  17. Amazon.com
  18. Independent.ie
  19. Irishtimes.com
  20. Boards.ie
  21. dailymail.co.uk
  22. paypal.com
  23. daft.ie
  24. wordpress.com
  25. 365online.com


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