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5 New Years Resolutions Every Marketer Should Make

As the year winds to a close marketing departments across the country will be reviewing their work and analysing the effectiveness of their campaigns. Here at 4pm have compiled a list of “New Years Resolutions” that every marketer should make as he/she enters 2013.

1. Let Go - There is a creative bone inside all of us, however, too many cooks spoil the broth. It is hugely beneficial for marketers to take a step back and focus on the area in which they excel. Be honest about your capabilities and learn to take control.

2. Build a portfolio - It is important to be able to refer back to previous successful campaigns. The portfolio should be a collection of projects focused on results.

3. Bring forward solutions, not problems - The ability to identify a problem is a very worthwhile skill to have. However an even better skill is that of someone who can not only identify a problem but who has the solution to solve such problems.

4. Take risks and learn from your mistakes - the best minds have all had one thing in common, failure. Don’t be afraid to try something.

5.Participate in the industry, but be humble - participating in an industry enables you to grow and become accustomed to new ideas and practices. It is important to note however, not to take credit for ideas that are not yours. Be original, be creative and be inventive. Always remember that you never stop learning.

Here at 4pm hope that these guidelines aid in your company’s/ brands development.

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year :)

Christmas Marketing Tips


It really is hard to believe that Christmas Day is just 6 days from now. Not long to go until one is tucking into their turkey and ham. #yumyum

Whilst all of us are thinking of the food and presents or whatever tickles your Christmas fancy, marketers around the world are using their cunning abilities to attract our eyes to shop windows up and down the country. Here at 4pm we thought we would let you in on some tips to look out for or to utilize in your own business.

1. Get people to buy one thing – Marketers have become increasingly aware of the importance to get shoppers to buy 1 item. It doesn’t seem like much does it? This is where “shopping momentum” comes into effect. With our first purchase there is a sense of guilt attached as we invariably had to open our wallets and splash the cash, however with every following purchase that “guilt” slowly ebbs.

2. Make the most of your Signs, POS (point of sale) and Packaging – Jazz things up! Large clear font that allows for a quick read is the most effective. Use point of sale displays and signs in the store to attract the eyes of the consumer. Make sure they are at “buy level”. Remember : eye level is buy level!

3. Create a larger footfall - Work with the other retailers to promote why people should be visiting your stores. Specialized and themed events and sales are key to creating a wider consumer interest. The traditional Santa’ Grotto is always sure to bring families to your outlets by the bucket load! Also, compare your prices to those of larger retailers so you can try to persuade the consumer that you are better value for money.

4. Be Social - If you have a Facebook page, why not be creative and create a twist on an advent calendar? Post daily offers that are valid for that day only. Each day the offer’s get better and better ultimately resulting in one “mega” giveaway.

5. Do something “Buzzworthy” - Get in contact with customers via their mobile phone, through youtube and other social media sites or through an interactive experience. Interacting with customers on a face to face level is invaluable for companies and marketers.

Hopefully that short list will help in your overall marketing campaigns…….bring on the turkey and ham!!