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How to generate more real estate leads with a blog!!



generate real estate leads blogging

 Many Irish Estate Agents have taken up blogging due to its effective results and ease to use.

We are assuming you already have a blog If you do not  call our sales team to discuss having one made which will encompass all of the below ideals.

How to Generate More Leads Through Your Blog?


We recommend the following actions:

Make the agent’s phone number visible by putting it as the header of the article, thus drawing your readers attention and providing call to action. A call to action will assist you  in converting a lead to a sale.
Place a text box at the top of each page that allows readers to ask questions. This will encourage conversation and nurture your leads. Including a chat option within your blog will affirm this.
All of these strategies are used to achieve a common goal — to produce MORE  real estate leads through your website!


Call to action/Commenting/Live Chat:

Making the phone number more prominent is self-explanatory. It doesn’t require much discussion. If your contact information is easier to spot, people will be more inclined to use it.

The commenting feature generates real estate leads through the blog by encouraging readers to ask questions and give opinions about something they are reading.

Your lead is real time and your readers are the most most curious and likely to close.  Live interaction with Clients will advance your lead within the sales funnel, as once they leave your site they are less likely to follow up with you regarding any questions.
Your live web chats will  eventually turn into a business relationships and is an effective way to get more online real estate leads.

Live chat can help you breathe life into your website. Instead of sending an email and waiting for a response, people can click the chat button and have a dialogue with a live person.


Results: More Real Estate Leads

By adopting the recommendations above you can double the inbound leads you receive via your website. Not only are you providing real  time customer support and clear call to actions, you are creating fresh web content frequently. This fact alone will increase your Google ranking and make your website more accessible to your potential clients.



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