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A Quick Guide To Pinterest For Businesses



What Exactly IS Pinterest?

Pinterest is essentially a virtual pinboard where users can ‘pin’ images, that are often linked to places of interest on the web. What makes Pinterest so popular is it’s facilitation of the discovery and easy sharing of new ideas and inspirations.

Pinterest has quickly become a phenomenon and as of March 2012 ranks as the third largest social media site in terms of site views with 104 million in 2012 with 14.9 million users. Facebook and Twitter are still towering ahead but considering Pinterest was only launched in 2010 it’s growth rate is staggering.


User’s can pin images to boards that they create, generally categorised into different themes, for example books that you love, places you’d like to visit, recipes you’d like to try out. Boards keep your images in a clean and uncluttered environment, which also helps you navigate easily around the site and your own boards.

Pinterest doesn’t have a facility to purchase products directly from the site but you can direct viewers back to the original source by attaching a URL to the image and in terms of marketing potential your images can get repinned and can spread quickly. 80% of pins are repins highlighting how viral this platform is.


How Your Business Could and Should Be Using Pinterest


1. Spend Time Setting Up Your Pinterest Account


When you set up a business Pinterest account make sure you fill in all the section, give the viewers as well as the search engines as much information you can. When writing descriptions use specific keywords to maximise your search engine friendliness. Also ensure your company logo is uploaded so users can easily and quickly identify your company. This will also help build brand awareness.


Also putting the Pinterest buttons on your website or your blog makes it easier for viewers to access your Pinterest account as well as encouraging them to them pin and share your content.


In general, spend time on pinterest, develop your boards, repin popular users in your area of business, get to know them, then they may start repinning your pins and spreading your message for you.


2. Pin Original Images


Pinning original images and linking viewers back to your blog will drive traffic to your blog. Additionally, if you’re going to pin original images make sure to include a watermark or your company logo on the image to ensure you are credited on repins.


3. Showcase Your Products


Showcase your company products on Pinterest.  A good way to do this is by dividing them into product categories or target markets for example. designers or estate agents. You can also create boards like ‘Products Just In’ or ‘The Best Of’.

If you don’t sell products and are services based you can still use Pinterest to showcase your business. For example if you design websites you can upload examples of websites you’ve designed, if your a desginer, this can be a great place for your portfolio.


4. Include A Price Tag


If you want to include a price for a product you’ve pinned you can add a price tag. From this your pin will be added into the ‘gifts’ section on Pinterest. The gifts section is a virtual catalog of all gift ideas for repinning or redirection back to your website to complete the purchase.


5. Pin to Your Target Market: Your Ideal Client

See what your ideal client is pinning and repin and pin to their interests. This will grab your ideal customers’ interest as they will be more likely to come across your content and pins.


Finally…Pinterest Will Help Your SEO Efforts

Pinterest adds to your SEO efforts by creating quality backlinks to your blog or website when you or users link your sites. Also by ensuring your boards are described properly and keyword rich will help viewers find your content and your company. You can also share your pins through Facebook and Twitter exposing your content to more viewers and increasing the likelihood of viewers clinking through to your actual website. Additionally, as this backlinks increase traffic to your website or blog this will improve your search engine ranking.

An entire book could be written (and probably has) about how Pinterest could be used to benefit your business but for now we’ll leave it here.


Have you started using Pinterest? If so how is it going? What kind of things are you trying out? Let us know in the comments section below!


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3 Simple Things You Should Know About QR Codes

1. What are QR Codes?

QR code example
QR Code

QR codes generally consist of black square modules on a white background. The QR stands for ‘Quick Response’, as they are designed to be uncoded quickly and easily. The un-coding is done by a QR code scanner which can be downloaded on to your smartphone in App form.


2. Why Use A QR Code?

QR codes are becoming increasingly popular with businesses as they offer a quick and easy way to direct customers to your website among other things. Importantly, it offers a simple and innovative way to send your customers information.

Any customer with the right App and a camera on their phone can read a QR code and be brought directly to your website, contact information, sms or an email. This allows you to bridge the gap between online and offline.

QR codes are extremely easy to generate and can be simply added to your offline marketing materials.


3. How Are QR Codes Being Used For Marketing

Currently QR codes are generally used on billboards, posters, print ads. direct marketing, packaging, restaurant menus, to name but a few. In general any marketing materials that a customer comes into contact with and can get close enough to scan is an acceptable place to put a QR code. So far QR Codes have been seen to be particularly effective in the retail, fashion and real estate industries.

Some companies have even taken QR Codes to the next level and developed creative QR codes to entice customers. For example Guinness put QR codes on Guinness glasses which would only work and become visible when Guinness was poured in, due to it’s colour.


Example of Guinness and QR Codes
Creative Use of QR Codes by Guinness


QR codes can also allow you to build a community and can enable sharing.

An App called Likify can allow you to enable your customers to like, tweet and share your products through a PR code. This engagement with your customers through Facebook and Twitter all contributes towards building a community of loyal customers.

QR codes allow the consumer to go directly to your website.

When you just place your website URL on your marketing materials, there’s a pretty good chance the reader will forget or have to go out of their way to make note of the website, which even then they could forget about. By having a QR code present on your material, the viewer can instantly go your website for further information or even purchase. Just bare in mind when sending a customer from a QR code to your domain, you must have interesting content on your site! So send them to a special offer or a particularly interesting blog piece or even your Facebook or Twitter page (social media is usually more inviting that a corporate website).


Do you use QR codes and how are you using them?

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Mobile Technology and Your Business

Almost 90% of small businesses are currently using mobile devices and apps. Businesses can now utilise mobile to increase productivity as well as run their business. There are many benefits to mobile, one of the main and important ones being that you can work on the go or have the ability to communicate to others through voice, text (sms and email) and even through visuals (eg. Facetime and Skype).

This multi-functional device can be ideal for employees on the go, for client relations, by cutting down response times, to managing social medias, by downloading social apps such as Facebook and Twitter. Not using a mobile device, be that a smart phone or a tablet can, in this day and age, significantly reduce your  opportunities to connect with and communication to your customers as well as other employees.

Many Apps have been developed to assist and streamline the day to day running of a business, from Apps that enable networking such as Bump, which allows users to transfer business cards, images and files by ‘bumping’ smart phones together to expense management Apps such as Expensify.

Mobile Apps
The world in the palm of your hand
In terms of collaboration, the Google Drive suite allows gmail users to share  and view their documents, be they in progress or otherwise. This Drive offers a multitude of documents, regular word files, powerpoint presentation format, excel, basically it’s an Internet version of the Microsoft Office Suite. Another essential App used by many businesses is Dropbox, allowing synchronisation of files and documents across multiple devices.
Another handy little App is Evernote, which allows users to document their ideas. Users can save ideas, images and audio before they forget them .


Mobile is proving itself to be a viable business tool with well over half of small business owners that have invested in mobile seeing a positive return which was either on target or has exceeded their expectations.

More and more apps are being developed daily and with mobile users rising significantly in the past few years, its now more vital than ever that businesses know how to operate and utilise this medium effectively. In fact as users on on the rise,  it may eventually dominate the way we do business all together. Make sure to keep an eye on these Apps and mobile technology, you can be sure your competitors are!


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Arthur Guinness Day ‘Paint The Town Black’

Arthur Guinness Day is it money well spent? The debate on Arthur Guinness Day still remains. Initially it was perceived as being a great marketing ploy by Guinness but as it moves into its third year questions are being asked about its longevity. For a small country like Ireland having a national treasure that is recognized all over the world is great, and connecting people from all around the globe is a positive but do we need to to raise a glass to Arthur every year.



It appears that it is only the large cities in Ireland and around the world that are benefiting from this event, while the smaller more rural towns and villages around Ireland suffer. For a large company like Guinness that have a large marketing budget one could ask the question should they be spending their money on other areas and avenues? Is this an attempt by Guinness to try and create a st Patricks day type event year on year. What are your thoughts on the whole Arthur Guinness Day? Good, bad or indifferent.



Here at 4pm we are still undecided about celebrating Arthur Guinness Day each year. If you’re starting up a new business and are interested in web design, online marketing, SEO (search engine optimization) or content management systems give us a call on 014978671 or check us out on www.4pm.ie.