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“Tell me what to do” – Office’s new web feature!

Microsoft has added a new feature to its Office Web Apps in order to take some of the legwork out of formatting your documents. The new “tell me what to do” feature allows you to implement commands into Office that you previously may not have known how to find, by typing the command into a small search bar. Once you begin typing, Office will begin to display possible commands.

An example of this new function would be to type “double space” into the field. Once you type double space into the field, you are given a list of options including Line Spacing. From there, you can enter the line spacing tab and proceed as per usual.

The app is not currently available for the desktop version of office but it is likely Microsoft are just testing it online in order to receive user feedback and to beta its functionality. It would be safe to assume that this feature will be added to the desktop client of Office after positive user feedback and any issues have been debugged.

Other features possibly on the line to be added to Microsoft Office include an easier to access layout (possibly making this cool new feature redundant), an easier rendering of shapes, text boxes and images as well as a more simple way to access end notes and footnotes.

A preview of the new Office 2013

The new Microsoft Office package has some pretty handy new improvements.

4pm has picked the main improvements that we feel will benefit you the most:

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New features in word:

  • With the new Online Video button you can insert video clips.
  • A right click on a specific word enables users to look up its definition in a dictionary or get help with the pronunciation.
  • Reply to comments or mark them as ‘done’.
  • We waited so long for this option, now it is finally posible – the ability to edit a PDF with Word 2013.

What’s new in Excel:

  • Shortcut letters will become visible if you click ALT. In order to activate this option you only need to tab the relevant key.
  • With the brush icon it is possible to preview changes to style and colour of a chart without actually changing something.
  • By pressing the ‘Recommended Charts’ button Excel will give you a variety of charts which suit best to your data.
  • Get the number of cells and the sum of all values or the average value by choosing a specific range of cells.

Improved PowerPoint:

  • Zoom into certain parts of your slide.
  • You now have the option to add background music.
  • Use the Eyedropper tool to choose a color up from other slides in the presentation.

Outlook function:

  • The filter option enables you to filter all messages for example by sender, date, by those with attachments.
  • Restore the To-Do bar option which is hidden under the View tab.
  • Link together all your contacts from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other other Social Media networks.

Here at 4pm we think the new Microsoft Office is definetely worht the investement as the new features bring a lot of improvements.
Have a nice weekend!

Windows 8.1

It wasn’t long ago that we spoke about the version 8 of  Windows . The changes Windows 8 made confused a lot of users so it didn’t take Microsoft long before they revealed an updated edition – Windows 8.1. The main disadvantage of the previous version was that it was a lot more compatible for tablets than for “traditional” computers. Basically Windows 8 is for the ones who use their computer solely for fun. After many complaints Microsoft reintroduced our beloved Start button. Additionally the latest version comes with an official Facebook app, Flipboard and NFL Fantasy football. The company also improved  their search engine, Bling, built-in support for 3D printers as well as an advanced Xbox Music app. The American multinational software corporation started a new approach which focuses on ongoing updates within a shorter period of time. Instead of waiting years, users are able to gain from  these improvements within months. A free preview edition is already available for developers. Regular users need to wait a little bit longer until their version is revealed.

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Microsoft gave also an overview of the updated version of Microsoft Office at the Microsoft Build developer conference in San Francisco. However we all have to wait until 2014 when the new office suite will be up for sale. It appears that Microsoft have made some effort to simplify the operating system but it still looks like a system for fun users rather than for working purposes. 4pm would like to hear your thoughts?

Microsoft Office now available for iPhone

Software for Estate AgentsThere have been lots of rumours and speculations around this topic but Microsoft have finally confirmed that its Office productivity suite is now accessible for the iPhone as a free app.
The catch is you have to be an Office 365 subscriber to use this app, so there is no a la carte option, such as Apple`s iWork Apps. Getting an Office 365 subscription is quite affordable, especially for students, and it works pretty much like Google Drive.
For Microsoft Office this new step is a big one because as a products and services company, they cannot afford to limit their services to just one platform.

That’s our software news for the day, short and sweet!