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Smart Houses for Smart Times

Have you ever wondered how your office might look in the future? We cannot give you a clear answer to that question, but the latest trends give us at least some insight into how we will work and live in a couple of years.

There is one thing we can tell you for sure: Houses will definitely be smarter than today and will respond to the needs of individuals, that`s what all the experts are in agreement about.

For example, one new innovation is digital walls inside the buildings which adapt to your personal preferences regarding the heating system and the light, instantly when you enter the room, because, let`s face it, some people prefer it really hot and others a little more chilly.

Another cool innovation is self-cleaning and self-healing concrete. Sound complicated? In fact, it is quite simple. By using titanium dioxide, the walls will clean themselves with a little help from the rain. Even the Air France headquarters at Paris airport make use of this incredibly smart technology.

It might well happen that in the future all skyscrapers are covered in green walls. These living facades are made out of algae, which help to reduce carbon emissions and as a reason of that cool down our cities, which in times of increasing environmental consciousness is of utmost importance.

Furthermore, the algae are recycled to create biodiesel and their roots could be used to stabilize the buildings. Even if it sounds a bit weird, think about it: Trees usually survive earthquakes more than houses.

All these facts about the power plants sound quite futuristic, but to be honest: The green constructions look so much prettier than all the boring grey concrete ones.

Of course, everything has its price, especially innovative ideas, because there is always some kind of risk involved. However, if you sum up all the benefits of these automated buildings, such as the use of less energy and the production of less waste, you will find, it will be worth it. Instead of being carbon neutral, we could reach a carbon positive way of living.

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Could this be the new iPhone??

You`re about to make an important phone call and then your phone displays ”Battery is empty”- HOW frustrating is that!? This is especially annoying when recharging is not an option.  As a dedicated Smart Phone user you are probably more than familiar with this situation. Don’t worry! Here comes the first cell phone which stays charged… for 15 years!

It might not be the most fashionable device ever invented,  because let`s face it, nothing beats an iPhone for style, but surely it can be very useful in case of emergencies, no matter if an accident has happened or if you have to confirm an important meeting.  The new SpareOne handset might be your best life-saving friend when a feature-rich smartphone isn’t a good solution. I guess you want to know the little secret behind this amazing device? It`s quite simple. The phone simply doesn’t draw any power from the battery until it is turned on. The missing screen is another reason for its long lifetime.

For those of you with small children or who take care of elderly people, it might be interesting to know that SpareOne even has a GPS function which gives you the possibility to locate a missing person.

Interested?? Unfortunately you will have to wait until March before you can finally hold it in your hands, but usually good things come to those who wait!

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