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2012 Toolkit

The 2012 Toolkit

In today’s global market, shifts in economic power have forced companies to alter their brand strategy. However, although there is rising uncertainty, there are still many things to be positive about. New markets and channels can allow companies greater creativity and opportunities if harnessed properly. To help with this here is a ten point toolkit for ideas and best practice in marketing.


1.       Consumers

Due to consumer segmentation, product innovation as well as communications should be developed with multiple audiences in mind. Additionally, it can be beneficial identifying consumers in emerging markets as well as established markets.

Also, it is important to consider your consumer’s media consumption as not all segments consume media in the same way.

2.    Brand Management

Know what your brand stands for both internationally and locally. Dropping a pan-regional campaign in favour of a more local approach may be more beneficial. Additionally ensuring there are structures in place to share consumer insights and best practices across markets can prove useful. Finally, ensure everything you do is right for your brand and your product or services category.


 3.    Integration

Integration of old media and new media channels (paid, owned and earned) has become increasingly difficult. However it is extremely important to fully integrate traditional and digital channels to ensure coherency. Though it should be recognised that each channel has different strengths which need to be identified and utilised. Finally, do not underestimate or ignore paid media as when used well it can drive earned and owned media.


4.    Innovation   

Product or service innovations are becoming an effective marketing tool. Even small innovations, provided they are grounded in consumer insights can be particularly effective. For example Apps can be relatively cheap to produce and a good one can deliver many benefits.

Setting aside a budget for testing new product or service ideas can be beneficial, however you should be prepared for a high failure rate.


5.    Effectiveness

Effectiveness in this sense refers to effectiveness of sponsorship. 2012 was a major year for sponsorship due to the London Olympics and the Euro 2012 football championship. Undoubtedly sponsorship can be effective, however this marketing tool does suffer from a lack of measurement. Generally, advertising metrics such as awareness are used to gauge sponsorship success. But it is suggested that results in the form of increased customer loyalty and shareholder value are more telling in terms of effectiveness.


6.    Buzz   

Encouraging consumers to recommend a brand to friends and acquaintances has never been more important for brands. Additionally, it is important to be aware of offline word of mouth as in some cases it can be more beneficial than online word of mouth. Finally, it is important to remember than a consumer orientated company will generate more positive WOM.


 7.    Content`

Content should be both relevant and remarkable or people won’t share it. Also, having your marketing and PR functions working together in a content strategy is advisable.


8.    Metrics    

The new technological environment can provide an abundance of measurable channels. However, don’t look for an all-encompassing measure of social media ROI, set different KPIs for each initiative that uses social media. If you build a community, you need to keep them so make sure you regularly engage them.


9.    Data   

New media technology such as mobile, tablets and social networking impact all areas of business, not just communications. It is important to know what to do with the data these technologies produce. Qualitative data needs to be managed carefully to be useful. Finally, data does not replace strategy, strategy is a response to data.


 10.   Insight

 Don’t assume a catch-all ‘emotional’ positioning will be the best way to engage and connect with consumers. Look for where your brand’s core strengths meet a cultural insight.


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Social Media marketing tips for selling/renting Real Estate

Social Media Marketing tips for selling/renting real estate:



Marketing tips for Estate Agents online marketing




  1. Define your market niche as social media marketing is all about engaging audiences so your message needs to specific.Will you be selling  bank-owned property? Will you be targeting first-time buyers? Will you focus on lettings and property management? Your answers will give you the precise segment you want to focus on.

  1. What is your unique selling point (USP) find an offer/service that your target audience cannot refuse. This could be a professional consultation service or extended viewing times for busy purchasers/renters. What are the common concerns of this set of people? What do they appreciate, and what do they dislike? When you have found the relevant answers, you will need to craft your offer and the corresponding marketing messages around this USP. Create a free report, weekly property lists, video tours and other useful marketing tools around your business. All of these tools can be  executed with a CRM such as Acquaint which automates all your marketing collateral and online presence.

  1. Drive traffic to your website.This is where social media marketing becomes a targeted tool. Tell your followers/friends about your Website and  your business. Then ask them to tell their friends about it. The reach of your social network is enormous bearing in mind there is over 1 billion Facebook users alone. Use your social media connections as channels through which to distribute your marketing materials.These steps combined with a well designed website which considers the end users priorities and SEO from the conceptual stage will contribute towards an exceptional online presence for your Estate Agency.

  1. Be helpful and commercially valuable to your connections.Having a large following is great, we really need to build relationships. In order to do this you need to produce content which is of value to your followers. Only once you build their trust, may you convert these connections to leads and sell to them. Your 4pm marketing consultant  will assist you with creating such content.

  1. Build up a database of contacts whom you can email. This will be your marketing database and will be the core of your business, regardless of how you fare with your social media, SEO and other marketing efforts. It is what you can build the rest of your marketing strategy on, this database is integral to maintaining operational controls such as Auction invitations, rent reminders, inspection reminders, distributing online newsletter and appointment confirmations please see www.Acquaint.ie for details.



Social media has made it easier than ever to connect with the right audience. It gives Estate Agents and Auctioneers s a way to engage people within their specific area and allows them to keep them informed of property changes and other information.

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Top 10 eCommerce Tips

ecommerce website



At 4PM we are all about providing our customers with the means to enable their customers to find them online. There is no better way than to develop  a superior eCommerce solution and teach them practical inbound marketing tips.






Here are our top ten tips:

1. Stay FOCUSED: the objective of your website is to sell your products. All Digital Marketing and SEO efforts should draw your visitors to the  ultimate goal of purchasing your goods or services online. Your 4PM  Sales Consultant and Designer will assist you in asserting your objectives.
2. Your business is your CUSTOMERS .Customer service is key and the way we treat our customers both online and offline is imperative to the success of any business. Answer queries promptly and ensure your website is informative and easy to use. Maintaining good customer relations will secure new business and retain current opportunities.


3. Your DOMAIN should be clear and constructive. Your domain is the best description of what your website is about. Make sure it is clear and that  a visitor will be able to find your site easily, based on their preferences and your website’s message.


4. Make your  website ACCESSIBLE to all. Ensure browser compatibility,provide various payment methods,promote your online message  on various mobile devices and operating systems.The 4PM Design and Development team has extensive experience in web compatibility and the latest technologies.
5. LOCALISE your site. If your website statistics are showing lots of global traffic its worthwhile considering having your website available in different languages based on search terms and preferences.


6.Sell products you know WORK. Do not jeopardise your reputation by trying to sell obscure products that have not sold in the field online sell products that you have positive experience in promoting.


7. Ensure you have a excellent Search Engine Optimization(SEO) strategies. This should be discussed at the beginning of the project with your 4PM Digital Marketing specialist and the plan will be actioned at the conception stage of the project.


8. USE STATE OF THE ART web technologies. In  4PM‘s 10 years of experience we have developed technologies that ensure a speedy website. Its integral that you can direct your prospect quickly and smoothly to your products.We pride ourselves on the ability to develop bespoke content management systems for all online business scenarios.


9. HIGHLIGHT your products. Whilst it’s nice to know about the company background your visitors  are primarily interested in your products. Its essential to  showcase them in a clear manner. A solid web design and CMS system will ensure this is the case.


10. OPTIMISE POSITIVE FEEDBACK. You know your products are great but there is no better way to promote them than via positive reviews and referrals from current customers. Use your website as a platform to publish these.


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How to promote yourself through the use of online marketing tools






How to promote yourself through the use of online marketing tools

In a competitive marketing environment, having a strong online presence is key.
Here at 4pm one of the key tools that we use to promote digitally is the use of mailchimp,the key to the successful use of mailchimp is creating keyword rich content via online resources such as Google Keyword Tools.
How to create a mailchimp newsletter


  1. Create a prospect list
  2. Create a campaign
  3. Choose a template
  4. Create a newsletter content using your google keywords which have low competition and high search results
  5. Add pictures to the newsletter to make it visually appealing.
  6. Name your images so Google associates these with your message
  7. Send the newsletter to your potential customers

Make sure your articles contain content which will invoke discussion.

Its integral to be targeted in your email marketing and we will be offering top tips on how to consolidate your message in next weeks article……

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