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Windows XP Draws to a Close – Less than 3 months to go!

After being usable for 12 years, the Windows XP operating

winxpprosystem is finally nearing its end. In roughly 84 days, support for Windows XP will be cancelled. To sum this up, there will be no further updates for functionality or security.

The world is changing and since Windows XP was launched in 2001 there has been more than drastic changes in people’s technological needs. People require software and OS’s that match their needs and keep them ahead of the market. as well as a capability for security and compliance. Windows XP no longer provides these features.

Last year, IDC last year that the longer migration is put off the more expensive it is to support old versions such as Windows XP.  IT labour costs go up 25% in the fourth year of continuing to run Windows XP past deadline,

Security experts have also issued a warning regarding hackers. It is their belief that hackers are storing up “zero-day” threats, targetting vulnerabilities within Windows XP that are created by the lack of support, or existing problems which have remained untouched or unfound.

As well as the security threats and lack of support caused by their “dropping” of the XP operating system, Microsoft also issued a warning that by continuing to use Windows XP, people (business and home users alike) lose out on the speed, functionality and mobility of using a modern computer and operating system.

“It’s a great time to lose the added weight of hefty old workhorse PC and software.  Lighten up and increase your business and personal opportunity through increased productivity and cost savings by shedding XP and Office 2003 for a more agile and mobile operating system, like Windows 8.1 and Office 365. The only gains to be made is your ability to compete more efficiently and effectively in today’s competitive global market,” – Patrick Ward, Microsoft

Do you still use Windows XP? And if so, is this enough to make you abandon it? Let us know @4pm!

10 tips on how to improve your online security


Nowadays we all make sure that our house, our possessions, our phone, car etc are all insured.  However, when it comes to online security, sometimes we are not as cautious.

Here at 4pm we have compiled a list of 10 ways to increase your online security:

1.       Make use of  available security updates: 

The first step would be to make sure your computer is set to automatically download and install updates. This is important because trojans and viruses often exploit security weaknesses before they can be detected.

2.       Be picky about the websites you choose:

Think twice before clicking on every link you spot, even if it is a perfectly legitimate site because it could have been hijacked.  This also accounts for links in emails as it is very easy to hide the real destination of links sent in email by using HTML. So be weary folks!

3.       Never download warez, bittorent or other dubious files:   

You can be 100% certain about any source. Therefore, you should never risk downloading movies which haven’t been released yet. This could result in malware being installed on your computer.

4.       Use creative passwords:

Come up with strong passwords by using a combination of symbols, letters and numbers and don`t make them too short. Take different passwords for different websites. You don’t want to run the risk of a hacker getting his hands on one of your passwords which you use for all your accounts.

5.       Don`t use any Wi-Fi spot you encounter:

Do not log on to any random, unsecured Wi-Fi network. Always use a Virtual Private Network, if possible. You could also download an app like Hotspot Shield, which automatically builds a VPN for you.


6.       Think about who you want to be friends with on Facebook:  

Never just accept a friend request from someone you don`t know, you never know it may be a social bolt with bad intentions trying to hack your computer.



7.       Don`t share your whole life with the social media world:

We all know how tempting it may be to brag about your upcoming holiday to the Bahamas but really? Do you really want to let cyber criminals know when a good time to burgle your house would be?

8.       Don`t forget about security when gaming:

Security should always be more important than a speedy connection. Use “game mode” in your software to make sure you are protected and not interrupted while in the middle of a game.

9.       Always test your system:

It’s important to perform regular checks on your system to make sure you haven’t encountered any virus’s along the way. There are many different antivirus systems you can download for example Eicar string from www.eicar.org

10.   Use different e-mail addresses:

Try use different e-mail addresses for different things.  For example take one address for financial issues and another one for your social activities. The social address will probably get more attention than your business one, and that`s how it should be.

So there you have it, just a few simple tips to increase your online security. Stay safe guys!