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Windows XP Draws to a Close – Less than 3 months to go!

After being usable for 12 years, the Windows XP operating

winxpprosystem is finally nearing its end. In roughly 84 days, support for Windows XP will be cancelled. To sum this up, there will be no further updates for functionality or security.

The world is changing and since Windows XP was launched in 2001 there has been more than drastic changes in people’s technological needs. People require software and OS’s that match their needs and keep them ahead of the market. as well as a capability for security and compliance. Windows XP no longer provides these features.

Last year, IDC last year that the longer migration is put off the more expensive it is to support old versions such as Windows XP.  IT labour costs go up 25% in the fourth year of continuing to run Windows XP past deadline,

Security experts have also issued a warning regarding hackers. It is their belief that hackers are storing up “zero-day” threats, targetting vulnerabilities within Windows XP that are created by the lack of support, or existing problems which have remained untouched or unfound.

As well as the security threats and lack of support caused by their “dropping” of the XP operating system, Microsoft also issued a warning that by continuing to use Windows XP, people (business and home users alike) lose out on the speed, functionality and mobility of using a modern computer and operating system.

“It’s a great time to lose the added weight of hefty old workhorse PC and software.  Lighten up and increase your business and personal opportunity through increased productivity and cost savings by shedding XP and Office 2003 for a more agile and mobile operating system, like Windows 8.1 and Office 365. The only gains to be made is your ability to compete more efficiently and effectively in today’s competitive global market,” – Patrick Ward, Microsoft

Do you still use Windows XP? And if so, is this enough to make you abandon it? Let us know @4pm!

Windows 8.1

It wasn’t long ago that we spoke about the version 8 of  Windows . The changes Windows 8 made confused a lot of users so it didn’t take Microsoft long before they revealed an updated edition – Windows 8.1. The main disadvantage of the previous version was that it was a lot more compatible for tablets than for “traditional” computers. Basically Windows 8 is for the ones who use their computer solely for fun. After many complaints Microsoft reintroduced our beloved Start button. Additionally the latest version comes with an official Facebook app, Flipboard and NFL Fantasy football. The company also improved  their search engine, Bling, built-in support for 3D printers as well as an advanced Xbox Music app. The American multinational software corporation started a new approach which focuses on ongoing updates within a shorter period of time. Instead of waiting years, users are able to gain from  these improvements within months. A free preview edition is already available for developers. Regular users need to wait a little bit longer until their version is revealed.

Software for Estate Agents

Microsoft gave also an overview of the updated version of Microsoft Office at the Microsoft Build developer conference in San Francisco. However we all have to wait until 2014 when the new office suite will be up for sale. It appears that Microsoft have made some effort to simplify the operating system but it still looks like a system for fun users rather than for working purposes. 4pm would like to hear your thoughts?