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Irish House Prices Ricing

Irish Property Market on the Rise

According to figures released by the Central Statistics Office house prices across Ireland rose by an average of 8.1% in the year to February. The latest statistics show that on average house prices have been rising steadily for nine consecutive months and that the average national price rise is the strongest that it has been since before the crash in June 2007. These figures give strength to the belief that the recovery of the Irish housing market is well under-way.

Irish House Prices Rise 2014 Graph

Outside of Dublin house prices across the country rose by 0.9% during the month of February and were up by 4.2% compared with the same month last year. However, the value of property in the capital fell by 0.6% compared to the previous month of January. However, house prices in Dublin still managed to be 13.3% higher than they were in February 2013, making the overall picture a positive one despite this small setback. Equally the progressively rising prices across the rest of the country offer more than a little compensation for an under-performing Dublin.

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Nama Property Investment Plan

It has been announced today that NAMA are set to introduce a €2bn property investment plan in both the residential and commercial sectors.

These new plans include a proposal for the development of new offices and workspaces in Dublin’s Docklands. The development at the Docklands is aimed at attracting foreign investment and expanding the financial services sector.

Whilst the property investment plan is designed for both the residential and commercial sectors, NAMA will only look at residential areas where demand exists.

NAMA also expect to secure €750m from it’s assets, which is around a 50% increase on what had been previously estimated.

We’d like to here from you on this matter. What do you think of the new plans and how will they affect the market as a whole?

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How to generate more real estate leads with a blog!!



generate real estate leads blogging

 Many Irish Estate Agents have taken up blogging due to its effective results and ease to use.

We are assuming you already have a blog If you do not  call our sales team to discuss having one made which will encompass all of the below ideals.

How to Generate More Leads Through Your Blog?


We recommend the following actions:

Make the agent’s phone number visible by putting it as the header of the article, thus drawing your readers attention and providing call to action. A call to action will assist you  in converting a lead to a sale.
Place a text box at the top of each page that allows readers to ask questions. This will encourage conversation and nurture your leads. Including a chat option within your blog will affirm this.
All of these strategies are used to achieve a common goal — to produce MORE  real estate leads through your website!


Call to action/Commenting/Live Chat:

Making the phone number more prominent is self-explanatory. It doesn’t require much discussion. If your contact information is easier to spot, people will be more inclined to use it.

The commenting feature generates real estate leads through the blog by encouraging readers to ask questions and give opinions about something they are reading.

Your lead is real time and your readers are the most most curious and likely to close.  Live interaction with Clients will advance your lead within the sales funnel, as once they leave your site they are less likely to follow up with you regarding any questions.
Your live web chats will  eventually turn into a business relationships and is an effective way to get more online real estate leads.

Live chat can help you breathe life into your website. Instead of sending an email and waiting for a response, people can click the chat button and have a dialogue with a live person.


Results: More Real Estate Leads

By adopting the recommendations above you can double the inbound leads you receive via your website. Not only are you providing real  time customer support and clear call to actions, you are creating fresh web content frequently. This fact alone will increase your Google ranking and make your website more accessible to your potential clients.



For a chat about the 4pm blogging and SEO service give us a call on 01 525 2177

Recruiting and sustaining top talent in a challenging market………….

Acquaint Crm

In the current climate its evermore challenging to motivate your team,reduce attrition and headhunt new talent. As a sales person myself I know the importance of a professional and productive office. As a manager I have realised that work environment,motivation and corporate values have never been so important.

When your Agency is recruiting first impressions are extremely important.

This does not purely relate to the office aesthetics but also to the prospective employees potential career path.Considerations will include management techniques,values and opportunity. It’s crucial at the introduction stage to outline your requirements to the recruit and make sure they match the recruits professional expectations.  Establishing this match at the onset will vastly reduce attrition and prevent any nasty surprises later on.

Any successful agent will have an established base of Client’s.This business is portable so when meeting your potential hire, walk them through your sales processes and highlight that their Client’ s will continue to get an exceptional level of customer service and that their expectations will be met and exceeded. This fact alone will motivate and encourage the Agent to join your company as ultimately Client’s follow the Agent not the Agency. When I was working as a Recruitment Consultant this issue was a concern and was a comfort when I moved to different a agency  as new business development was increasingly tough my clients’ followed my career and not my previous employers.

Finally an issue in sustaining and expanding your team can be as simple as quality training and controls. As the market improves and opportunities appear all operational controls and processes should be of paramount importance to any Estate Agent. State of the Art systems will invoke confidence in your brand to Client’s and your staff. Invest in performance standards and IT systems that will streamline your business and savior your Company’s professional integrity. I recommend Acquaint CRM and Property Drive  as they  will streamline all your marketing collateral,as brochures and promotional material can be produced through the software. Acquaint also records all financial transactions relating to your business.  In addition it will handle all your online advertising as Acquaint has a multi listing feed which includes www.myhome.ie and www.onview.ie. Your agents can send  personalised listings to potential buyers/Tenants and detailed reports to their Client’s. Property Drive is an advanced content management system  specifically for the Real Estate Profession and will manage your website’s content and integrate with Acquaint CRM so all your online marketing will be complete in one simple step.

For a free online demonstration of Acquaint please call me directly on 01 525 2177 or send me an email charlotte@4pm.ie .