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Big Data- it’s taking over!

Technology Tips

Companies are consistently confronted with change, and one of the key aspects of a successful company is their ability to adapt to change and embrace it. One of the biggest factors effecting companies in this generation is technology- for example the introduction of the internet. The last buzzword in the world of technology was ‘mobile’. Everything was going mobile whether it was a phone, computer, PlayStation etc. The latest buzz word is ‘Big data’ and this is a massive one that’s going to be a game changer. Big Data is our next frontier for innovation, but what is it? Big Data can be difficult to pin-point a definition for but it’s basically our ability to collect and analyse the enormous amounts of data we are generating in the world. Our ability to extract such vast amounts of information is transforming the way we look at the world and how we understand it.

Think about reading a book- in the past, no external data was gathered. Today on a Kindle information is gathered on how often you read, what you read, and how long it takes you to read.
Your smart phone collects information on where you are, what you’re listening to, how often you listen to it, what apps you use, what websites you visit, and who you contact.

Combine all of this information with the vast amounts of web searches, wall posts, likes and comments on Facebook, the 400+ million tweets sent on Twitter per day and the 72 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute- and there you have it: BIG DATA.

  • More than likely you have heard of Wal-Mart, a company from the United States. Wal-Mart are able to take information from your previous buying habits, their stock information, social media, your mobile phone location, and external weather information and analyse this in a matter of seconds so that it may contact you with an offer via text for a barbecue cleaner- but only if your phone says your within a 3 mile radius of a Wal-Mart, that has it in stock, it’s sunny out, and you have purchased a barbecue previously. It’s a custom tailored advertisement- but it didn’t require someone sitting at a computer and looking you up. It’s automated.
  • Another example is Tesco who now has what they call Clubcard TV. Similar to Netflix, this is an online service that will allow you to watch shows and movies. The purpose is to mine data from its loyalty card program to enable brands to customize advertising based on the individuals spending patterns.

It’s quite scary how much information they are able to gather about you, and how personal the buying experience is going to become- or is becoming. It will be interesting to see how companies further use big data in order to compete.

That’s all from 4pm today! Let us know your thoughts on BIG DATA!!

The path to an effective Social Media Presence

In the 21st century a  Social media presence is no longer  “nice to have”, it is now a necessity  to be successful. An effective campaign  is not just about setting up an account and then leaving it to its own devices! The 4pm marketing team  have put together some key points  of how you can reach your goals.

Its all about your strategy:

  •  Know what you want

Before getting started, it’s important to be aware of the opportunities available and which ones are relevant to your business.Social media can be used for different activities, such as Marketing & Sales, Customer Service and HR. Depending on your goals you should focus on a couple of these channels , for example if you want to improve your customer service, twitter would be the best option as you are able to interact directly with your consumers.

  • Create valuable content 

Next you need to be aware of the content that should be outlined in your social media strategy. Think about what kind of messages you want to send out , so that they make sense to your followers.


  •  Develop a habit

After having set up your accounts you need to provide information on a regular basis. Posts on Facebook usually last a couple of hours whereas you need to tweet more frequently to be up-to-date on twitter. Infrequent interaction is one of the main reasons businesses experience social media failure.

  • Keep your fans excited

Competitions and promotions are a good way to keep your account alive and engage with your followers. Organising a competition or promotion every couple of months will also help you increase your brand awareness.

  • Get some help to keep committed

If you already have a big community of followers, the work will grow as well. Make sure you delegate in order to stay on track. Looking out for professional help at times as it will always be beneficial. Why not contact one of our 4pm Digital Marketing Specialists for a free phrasal!

Why not call us today on 01 497 8671 to see how we can help you to implement a Social Media Strategy successfully.

Why your business NEEDS Social Media

Ever find yourself wondering why your business should use social media? You may feel it has no relevance whatsoever but the fact of the matter is, it does. These social media sites are where your current and potential clients interact, receive news, share pictures etc. so it is important that you are present on these platforms. Social media helps you manage your online reputation, you have the ability to monitor what other people and websites are saying about your company. So if there are any problems you can fix them quickly. Being present on these social platforms means you can begin building relationships with your clients by answering any queries they have in a professional and honest manner. The knowledge that their questions and queries can be answered simply online gives customers a lot of reassurance.

One of the main reasons for using social media is to drive traffic to your website and make people aware of your company. For example let’s say you have invested quite a chunk in developing your website, if you’re not doing everything in your power to entice people onto it then you’ve wasted your money. Or maybe you’re not happy with your current website? By giving us a call here at 4pm we can discuss your company and develop a website that you can be proud of. Therefore you can be confident when linking your social media to your website. By linking I mean maybe directing your clients to a new product/service your company has to offer, to relevant industry news on your website etc.

Another thing we must remember is the fact that people have less money these days so when they are looking to purchase a product or service then they want to make sure they know everything there is to know about it. Therefore the customer will go online and begin researching the company they hope to buy from. This usually begins with popping the company name and product or service into Google and waiting to see what appears. Personally when I’m doing my research if I can’t find much info about a company I begin to get weary. Therefore it is crucial that your company has a strong online presence. By simply being active on numerous social media sites makes you a lot more present on the World Wide Web. Basically social media allows your company to be a lot more accessible and an accessible company makes for a trustworthy company.

So remember 60% of the buying cycle is in fact over before the customer comes calling to you. By having a social media presence this will put you at the forefront of your competitors. So the message is clear… businesses use social media and they value it so social media has a value for you also.

Christmas Sales influenced by Social Media

Not paying attention to customers opinions of your brand on social media and networking sites? Do so at your own risk!

Recent survey’s have shown that customers appreciate when a brand responds to a negative social media/network post.

However, the results have shown that positive recommendations seem to be influencing the customer more than negative recommendations. Around 25% of people will spend money on a brand because of a positive recommendation seen on social media/networks. Cha-ching!

Worryingly 1 in 8 consumers stop using or purchasing a brand altogether as a result of negative social media/network comments. Uh-oh!

It has been duly noted about the growing importance of online shopping in the life of the consumer. Just under a third of consumers (32%) will purchase/have purchased their shopping online this year. This make’s the overall online shopping experience key to receiving positive recommendations. Santa is never late delivering gifts, neither should you be!

Customer relationship management is a must! Over 50% of consumers feel that a brand should reply directly to someone if they have a problem. “Ask not what you can do for the brand, but what the brand can do for you” #motto.

As previously stated, brands connecting to consumers via social media/networks must LISTEN to their customers. Not responding to a negative social media post is just as bad as your customer service department not picking up the phone.

Brands that do listen to their customers via social media are presented with huge opportunities and the “negatives” should be seen as positives. It gives brands the chance to show how much they truly value their customers.

Remember, one voice/post can make a difference between a cha-ching and an uh-oh!

A Quick Guide To Pinterest For Businesses



What Exactly IS Pinterest?

Pinterest is essentially a virtual pinboard where users can ‘pin’ images, that are often linked to places of interest on the web. What makes Pinterest so popular is it’s facilitation of the discovery and easy sharing of new ideas and inspirations.

Pinterest has quickly become a phenomenon and as of March 2012 ranks as the third largest social media site in terms of site views with 104 million in 2012 with 14.9 million users. Facebook and Twitter are still towering ahead but considering Pinterest was only launched in 2010 it’s growth rate is staggering.


User’s can pin images to boards that they create, generally categorised into different themes, for example books that you love, places you’d like to visit, recipes you’d like to try out. Boards keep your images in a clean and uncluttered environment, which also helps you navigate easily around the site and your own boards.

Pinterest doesn’t have a facility to purchase products directly from the site but you can direct viewers back to the original source by attaching a URL to the image and in terms of marketing potential your images can get repinned and can spread quickly. 80% of pins are repins highlighting how viral this platform is.


How Your Business Could and Should Be Using Pinterest


1. Spend Time Setting Up Your Pinterest Account


When you set up a business Pinterest account make sure you fill in all the section, give the viewers as well as the search engines as much information you can. When writing descriptions use specific keywords to maximise your search engine friendliness. Also ensure your company logo is uploaded so users can easily and quickly identify your company. This will also help build brand awareness.


Also putting the Pinterest buttons on your website or your blog makes it easier for viewers to access your Pinterest account as well as encouraging them to them pin and share your content.


In general, spend time on pinterest, develop your boards, repin popular users in your area of business, get to know them, then they may start repinning your pins and spreading your message for you.


2. Pin Original Images


Pinning original images and linking viewers back to your blog will drive traffic to your blog. Additionally, if you’re going to pin original images make sure to include a watermark or your company logo on the image to ensure you are credited on repins.


3. Showcase Your Products


Showcase your company products on Pinterest.  A good way to do this is by dividing them into product categories or target markets for example. designers or estate agents. You can also create boards like ‘Products Just In’ or ‘The Best Of’.

If you don’t sell products and are services based you can still use Pinterest to showcase your business. For example if you design websites you can upload examples of websites you’ve designed, if your a desginer, this can be a great place for your portfolio.


4. Include A Price Tag


If you want to include a price for a product you’ve pinned you can add a price tag. From this your pin will be added into the ‘gifts’ section on Pinterest. The gifts section is a virtual catalog of all gift ideas for repinning or redirection back to your website to complete the purchase.


5. Pin to Your Target Market: Your Ideal Client

See what your ideal client is pinning and repin and pin to their interests. This will grab your ideal customers’ interest as they will be more likely to come across your content and pins.


Finally…Pinterest Will Help Your SEO Efforts

Pinterest adds to your SEO efforts by creating quality backlinks to your blog or website when you or users link your sites. Also by ensuring your boards are described properly and keyword rich will help viewers find your content and your company. You can also share your pins through Facebook and Twitter exposing your content to more viewers and increasing the likelihood of viewers clinking through to your actual website. Additionally, as this backlinks increase traffic to your website or blog this will improve your search engine ranking.

An entire book could be written (and probably has) about how Pinterest could be used to benefit your business but for now we’ll leave it here.


Have you started using Pinterest? If so how is it going? What kind of things are you trying out? Let us know in the comments section below!


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