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Screenshot with Greenshot

Greenshot is a sofGreenshottware tool that allows you to take a screenshot of only the part of the screen you want. You can capture the whole screen or just a certain part of the screen. Once screen shot is taken it prompts you with a number of  options:



Greenshot is a great tool for inserting graphs etc. into reports and also allows you to open in image editor insert text boxes, draw arrows, add effects, rotate, highlight and even draw freehand.

We here at 4pm have Greenshot installed on our machines and find it very helpful when taking screenshots and most of all it is a free piece of software! Click here to go to Greenshot.


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Property Services Regulatory Authority Forms are now available to download

property records

With the Property Services Regulatory Authority’s statutory framework in full effect we have taken a look at the letters of engagement which are now to be completed and stored by the Auctioneer.
These forms include:
i Auction of Property other than Land Sole Agency
This document relates to the engagement of a licensed Agent auctioning a property on behalf of the Client. This must be signed at the very first stage of the relationship.
ii Auction of Livestock by Mart
This document is the contractual agreement between an Agent and the Client to sell by Auction livestock. Again this is to be signed at engagement and stipulates the primary controls regarding records and indemnity at the early stages.
iii Auction of Land Sole Agency

This document is the contractual agreement between an Agent and the Client to sell by Auction Land . Again this is to be signed at engagement and affirms the statutory guidelines stated by the regulations.


These forms are contracts between the two parties and covers the controls in which the Property Services Regulator enforce.


These include:
– Declaration of license
– records
– Duration
– Conflict of interests
– Professional Indemnity Insurance
– Duration
– Termination
-Bank Account
– Client Moneys


At 4pm we have studied these  requirements and worked with the developers of Acquaint CRM to provide a licensed agent with the means to adhere to these regulations and keeps accurate  records of all the above contracts and associated documentation for the 6 year period.


Acquaint CRM is a total Real Estate  package and deals with sales, letting and property management. In addition to alleviating all the operational burdens associated with the letting and sales processes, the software  is integrated with all the above forms and allows them to be stored within the software at the onset  of these commercial relationships.


Contact us today on 01 525 2177 or email charlotte@4pm.ie for a free online demo of Acquaint CRM to see how this revolutionary software can assist you in growing your business.


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Acquaint Crm Demo

Acquaint Crm

– Streamlines all internal operations
– Allows you to enter property details only once as it uploads to various portals (myhome, onview, globrix etc.)
– Contacts & properties all on one system
– Produces all brochures & documents with in your brand guidelines
– Complies with new property regulations

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