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Samsung Galaxy integrating with Blackberry Messenger

BlackBerry Messenger to be integrated with Samsung Galaxy

Several TV ads hinting at the combination of BBM with Samsung Galaxy were spotted on the African showing of the Man Utd v Chelsea game.

The collaboration was further hinted at when Samsung Ghana hinted that “another messenger is coming soon” on their Facebook page.

This latest collaboration would see BlackBerry Messenger being Samsung Galaxy integrating with Blackberry Messengerintegrated with currently one of the most popular smartphones companies available. BlackBerry Ltd has struggled in the competitive smartphone market and has seen its market share dwindle away from the previous heights that they achieved when BBM was first launched.

Do you think this collaboration will take the smartphone market by storm or is the time of BBM well and truly over, let us at 4pm know what you think?

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Facebook is Learning how to Talk

Social networking giant Facebook has acquired speech recognition company Mobile Technologies for an undisclosed sum in what looks like a move to help users overcome language barriers.

Mobile Technologies develops speech recognition and machine translation technology. Its main cross-lingual communication tool is Jibbigo, which the company describes as “the world’s first speech-to-speech translator on a phone that runs online and even offline, independent from the internet.”

It’s not entirely clear what Facebook plans to do with the technology, Software for Estate Agentsrevealing little in a statement.

“Voice technology has become an increasingly important way for people to navigate mobile devices and the web, and this technology will help us evolve our products to match that evolution,” Facebook said.

“We believe this acquisition is an investment in our long-term product roadmap as we continue towards our company’s mission.”

Mobile Technologies echoed that sentiment in its own statement.

“Facebook, with its mission to make the world more open and connected, provides the perfect platform to apply our technology at a truly global scale. We look forward to continuing to develop our technology at Facebook and finding new and interesting ways to apply it to Facebook’s long-term product roadmap.”

Under the deal, much of Mobile Technologies’ staff will join Facebook at Software for Estate Agentsits headquarters in Menlo Park, California.

What do you think Facebook plans to do? Let us at 4pm hear your ideas.

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Samsung Smartwatch Plans

The buzz about Samsung’s plans for a smartwatch has intensified with the discovery of trademark and patent filings in the United States and Korea.Software for Estate Agents

The U.S. Patent and Trade Office filing lists the name of the patented device as “Samsung Galaxy Gear” and essentially describes a smartwatch

A document filed with the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service, KIPRIS, includes line drawings of what appears to be a wristwatch with a circular bracelet or wristband.

The Galaxy Gear joins a long list of smartwatches on sale or rumored to be in the works.

Everyone’s jumping into the pool to see what happens because they don’t want to miss out. It’s anticipated that Samsung would definitely look to play in the wearable space.

Samsung will have to sell a clear vision of what value a smartwatch will add to consumers’ daily lives without the Apple Design to guide it.

Interest in the smartwatch market is understandable. More than 1 million smartwatches will be shipped this year, ABI predicted.Software for Estate Agents

Sales of mobile wearable units and smart glasses will total 15 million units this year and climb to about 70 million by 2017, according to Juniper Research.

We at 4pm can’t wait for this to be available as long as it doesn’t need to be wound to charge it. Let us know what you think.

Big Data- it’s taking over!

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Companies are consistently confronted with change, and one of the key aspects of a successful company is their ability to adapt to change and embrace it. One of the biggest factors effecting companies in this generation is technology- for example the introduction of the internet. The last buzzword in the world of technology was ‘mobile’. Everything was going mobile whether it was a phone, computer, PlayStation etc. The latest buzz word is ‘Big data’ and this is a massive one that’s going to be a game changer. Big Data is our next frontier for innovation, but what is it? Big Data can be difficult to pin-point a definition for but it’s basically our ability to collect and analyse the enormous amounts of data we are generating in the world. Our ability to extract such vast amounts of information is transforming the way we look at the world and how we understand it.

Think about reading a book- in the past, no external data was gathered. Today on a Kindle information is gathered on how often you read, what you read, and how long it takes you to read.
Your smart phone collects information on where you are, what you’re listening to, how often you listen to it, what apps you use, what websites you visit, and who you contact.

Combine all of this information with the vast amounts of web searches, wall posts, likes and comments on Facebook, the 400+ million tweets sent on Twitter per day and the 72 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute- and there you have it: BIG DATA.

  • More than likely you have heard of Wal-Mart, a company from the United States. Wal-Mart are able to take information from your previous buying habits, their stock information, social media, your mobile phone location, and external weather information and analyse this in a matter of seconds so that it may contact you with an offer via text for a barbecue cleaner- but only if your phone says your within a 3 mile radius of a Wal-Mart, that has it in stock, it’s sunny out, and you have purchased a barbecue previously. It’s a custom tailored advertisement- but it didn’t require someone sitting at a computer and looking you up. It’s automated.
  • Another example is Tesco who now has what they call Clubcard TV. Similar to Netflix, this is an online service that will allow you to watch shows and movies. The purpose is to mine data from its loyalty card program to enable brands to customize advertising based on the individuals spending patterns.

It’s quite scary how much information they are able to gather about you, and how personal the buying experience is going to become- or is becoming. It will be interesting to see how companies further use big data in order to compete.

That’s all from 4pm today! Let us know your thoughts on BIG DATA!!

Seeing the world through Google glasses

Google is well known for being a highly innovative and futuristic company, but with their latest invention they have even managed to outdo themselves.

Google have invented glasses with an included microphone and a half-transparent video screen, with which you can see all the information in front of your right eye. 

The idea behind this wearable technology is to aid their users through their everyday lives. If you are bad at memorizing names or places, you can easily outsource it to the device. Handy eh?

These new glasses offer 14 services to choose from, information about daily meetings, the weather, as well as a navigation system. Moreover it seems to have also a music function although the missing earphones make us wonder how exactly it works. Calling somebody with a video function is another option as well as information about the latest offers which pop up immediately on your screen if you walk by a store.

So far, the Google glasses are still not fully developed and it is unclear when they will be released on the market, probably at the end of 2013. Google fans are asked for their feedback and creativity to ensure their participation in the design process. 

Google`s latest innovation shows its users an augmented reality and they will now have more visible knowledge available at any time without having to use their hands. Apart from being constantly distracted like bumping into somebody on the street, privacy issues could keep you from getting that gadget. So the question remains, which of our private information will Google use again? As this product is not launched yet, we will see if Google keep their promises and manage their shortcomings.

Here at 4pm we would like to know what you think? Would you be a prospective customer?