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A Little Tip On How To Speed Up Your Computer

Men cleaning a computer

If you have an old computer or you use your computer quite a bit and it’s getting a bit slow, perhaps you should consider downloading a cleaner and get that “new computer feel”.

Piriform have a product called CCleaner which will clean and optimize your machine. The CCleaner will clean temp files, cookies and your history among other things. The very basic version is free so why not? You can upgrade to the professional or business edition for a fee if you love it. In addition to the CCleaner, you can use their defrag product, Defraggler, to optimise and sort out your hard disks. The CCleaner will work on both Windows and Mac but the other products are only available for Windows.

Check them out here.

3D-Printed Gifts For Christmas

Now that 3D printing has become a reality we can all look forward to downloading our Christmas presents and simply printing them off!

Here are a few of the latest 3D Printed Gifts on the market.


Egg in a robot egg cup
3D Printed Ferris wheel
Ferris Wheel
Coffee cup
Rocket Espresso
3D printed bottle opener
Klein Bottle Opener
Samsung web design 3D printed grey mobile cover
FreshFiber Samsung Galaxy S3 Case
Christmas decoration
Merry Bird
Chess set from 3d printing
Typographical Chess Set


Granted they’re not the most amazing presents but the fact that they’re 3D printed increases their attractiveness ten fold and I have a feeling that the novelty of 3D printing isn’t going to wear off anytime soon.


What do you think of 3D printing? Are you as excited as we are in the 4pm office about it? What will you be printing?



Curiosity takes a bite out of Mars

The Mars Rover, Curiosity, has been looking around Mars for about 3 months now. About two weeks ago it discovered an unidentified metallic object. Needless to say any particle sightings on Mars are taken very seriously, except these, as they have now been confirmed to have more than likely just fallen off Curiosity when it landed.


However Curiosity actually has discovered “bright particles” from Mars, but it is not yet known what these particles are, possibly small flecks of crystalline material — maybe silica. Curiosity is now taking small soil samples or bites out of Mars for further analysis which are now being assessed as “Martian material” by scientists. Curiosity’s on-board Chemical and Mineralogy (CheMin) laboratory. which uses X-ray diffraction will analyze the composition of samples. Results from these tests are expected in the coming days.


Even if nothing significant is discovered, the fact that we have developed technology that is capable of such an expedition is very exciting and encouraging.


To find out more about Curiosity you can go here.

Let us know in the comment section what you think about NASA’s latest findings, do you think there’s anything to discover on the Red planet?



NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover, a mobile robot for investigating Mars’ past or present ability to sustain microbial life



Sample material from the fourth scoop of Martian soil collected by NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity

Sample material from the fourth scoop of Martian soil



Bright Particle in Hole Dug by Scooping of Martian Soil

Bright particle in hole dug by scooping



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‘Twitter brings in banner graphic’s like Facebook’

Twitter has made changes to its website and apps for android, iphone and ipad app’s. The changes give a bigger significance on photo’s. The changes also let users have a banner like graphic, much like Facebook.


Dick Costolo the chief executive informed of the new look today. The photo’s stream higher up on the left and also make the thumbnails bigger. The profile picture will now be displayed in the centre of the banner image.


Twitter say the same image will appear whether it be on the web or an app for iphone, ipad or android. Twitter are trying to add more virtual interest and build its online advertising.


Twitter say ‘it’s fast, beautiful, easy to use’ redesign allows more access to videos and photos.


A banner ad can be applied by selecting ‘settings’ and clicking ‘design’.


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The battle of the phones- the iphone 5 versus the Samsung galaxy sIII

Here at 4pm the team are thinking its time for an upgrade, which would you choose iphone 5 or a Galaxy SIII?

iphone 5 features:

  • Taller & 18% thinner than iphone 4s
  • 20% lighter lighter iphone 4s
  • iphone 5 has metal back compared to iphone 4s glass back
  • iphone 5 supports 4g LTE networks
  • iphone 5 offers faster A6 chip
  • iphone 5 has longer battery life (10 hours of wifi browsing)
  • 8 megapixel camera
  • iphone 5 has three speakers
  • Smaller dock connector & smaller sim card
  • iphone 5 runs on new ‘os6’ operating system

Samsung Galaxy sIII features:

  • Minimal organic design
  • lightweight at only 133g
  • Storage of data  up to 64gb
  • 8 megapixel camera
  • 4.8 inches  of high definition
  • 21h 40 mins talk time
  • Lets you do a variety of tasks all at once
  • Easy data transfer from samsung to samsung
  • Allows you to play your videos/photos and games on the big screen

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