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Apple iTV, will it get finished?

The launch of Apples iTV is being held off because of the original payed TV channel model. Apple will need content for the iTV but the most valuable content is owned by small groups who do not wish to change the existing model. Apple want to enter the market and change the bundling of TV content. This means that Apple would have to secure high value content which is programs etc. that are new to air.


Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty study shows that consumers are willing to pay up to 20% more for an Apple TV. CEO Tim Cook dropped a tantalizing hint during a recent interview, calling it “an area of intense interest.” The survey found that 47% were interested in buying a iTVĀ  with over 1/5 having owned and iPhone or iPad meaning they are loyal to the Apple brand.

Apple iTV


Should Apple ever find a solution for getting the valuable content they require and delivering it to consumers in a different manor, they may change the way we look at TV from there on. ‘Content is king’ and until they can secure the high value content it is like any other smart TV. The situation is much like securing the music for iTunes when the iPod came out!


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